19 May 2011

Let's just be thankful she doesn't have...

...uncontrollable urges to tear heads off kittens...

"Anytime you have a coworker, friend or family member with a medical anomaly, the proper response is to avert attention, and don't call attention to it."
Yup... sure wouldn't wanna embarrass anyone with the chutzpah to litigate for the right to watch porn & masturbate... AT WORK.

Hey CUPE... time to sweeten that benefit package. I'm guessin' you can already count on the support of at least one federal party leader.


Anonymous said...

Gee Neo, that wouldn't be the star client from the "red light, green light, open all night community rub 'n tug clinic" would it.?Just askin'
Cheers Bubba

Frances said...

Let's hope she washes her hands regularly - wouldn't want to have to share work surfaces with this woman.

Neo Conservative said...

"frances says... share work surfaces"

she gets to surf porn & rub one out whenever she feels like it?

i bet her co-workers don't resent her/are put off at all. (/sarc)


Al the Fish said...

Er Neo, sorry to push your buttons, but guys rub one out, gals rub one in and around...

Neo Conservative said...

wow... got a slew of illucid invective from my buddy nonny over this one.

apparently he's got a huge, sloppy crush on big labour in general... and cupe in particular.

is that you, dawg?

thank you comment moderation.