16 May 2011

More "Caviar Socialists" in the news

I'm no mathematician... but let's try calculate the odds of Stephen Harper being -- (a) -- found butt-nekkid in a triad-run bawdy house... or -- (b) -- arrested for sexually assaulting a a maid in a ritzy hotel.

Even the lunatic left-leaning Huffpo, can't resist piling on...

For demolishing the Socialists' claim to speak for the common Frenchman and woman, it's hard to beat an accusation of the entitled Socialist standard bearer imperiously attempting to rape a chambermaid in a $3,000 luxury hotel room and then trying to skip town.


UPDATE: A History of Violence
Tristane Banon previously described the attack, which happened when she was in her early 20s, in a television programme in 2007, when she called Strauss-Kahn, whose name was bleeped out, a "rutting chimpanzee."

She says she consulted a lawyer at the time, but was persuaded not to take action by her mother, a regional councillor in the Socialist party and friend of the Strauss-Kahn family. Banon is goddaughter to Strauss-Kahn's second wife.

LAST WORD: I guess she just doesn't have that...

..."velvet touch"...
"The union paid another $145 to put up Chow for the night in a separate hotel room."


Sixth Estate said...

Calling Strauss-Kahn a socialist is a bit rich... he was the minister who oversaw the French government's privatization and tax cut programs in the 1990s.

I'll anticipate your response (he ran for the Socialist Party) and say simply that obviously he wasn't a socialist if he was cutting taxes and privatizing government programs. Yet another example of how political party names don't relate to actual policy positions.

Do you really want a list of conservatives caught in sex scandals? They're out there too, including one of Harper's close ex-aides, I think you'll recall. Not that it matters.

Neo Conservative said...

"sixth estate says...Calling Strauss-Kahn a socialist is a bit rich"

well, six... please copy us on your letter of protest to the globe & mail...

"The former French finance minister was widely expected to return home this summer to seek the Socialist nomination for next year’s French presidential elections."

you really wanna get into strauss-kahn's unashamed hypocrisy as well?

ps... pls include the globe's response to your letter when you respond.

fwiw... jack & olivia claim to be socialists as well... but it sure doesn't stop them from accruing massive personal indulgences on the taxpayer dime either...

"NDP Leader Jack Layton racked up the highest expense account despite being the leader of the smallest party. Layton billed taxpayers for $628,913.68."

"MP Olivia Chow, who isn't a party leader, knows how to party nonetheless... $530,304.73"

and, hey... which other serving leader of a canadian political party has been found naked in a whorehouse?

just askin'... you know?


max said...

Neo, you just don't understand. When things go wrong, the perpetrators are never real socialists and the situation is never real socialism.

Neo Conservative said...

main post updated:

surprise, surprise... not his first trip around the block.