05 May 2011

Everybody's freakin' out about the NDP's...

..."new kids on the block"... but maybe they should actually be more worried about those hoary old veteranos...

"Scientific and eyewitness evidence shows that the 9/11 Commission Report is a fraudulent document and that elements within the US government were complicit in the murder of thousands of people on 9/11/2001." --
What the hell kinda batcrap crazy we got here?

Two words, my friends... Libby... Davies.


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"Therefore be it resolved that development of the Alberta Tar Sands be halted and rapidly phased out, that public subsidies cease, and that profits from the tar sands industry be conscripted to develop and implement environmentally-friendly, green energy alternatives."

LAST WORD: Post-election hangover

From the comments... looks like people have the NDP's number already...
"Even his mea culpa is convoluted and obscure. And coming in second place isn't 'victory' -- it's losing."

"On the other hand, I bet the US Military Machine is glad that he cleared that up, and that he believes in them. I bet they'll sleep easier now."


Anonymous said...

I think Canadians have come to expect Libby D to spout crap like this and pretty much shrug it off. She should be challenged on it in the HOC. if she wasn't such a waste of skin, air and this country's time.
Libby Davis, Lizzy May they are both bats#!t crazy and should not even be involved in the running of this country

Rob C

fernstalbert said...

I quite like the fact that the NDP is the Offical Opposition. By having the lead questions in Parliament - this will result in a through public airing of this nasty group of political windbags. Cheers.

Lynn said...

"Nationalize U.S.Steel"? "$2500 per moth guaranteed CPP"?

Allah almighty,do these people EVER study anything remotely related to economics?

Before this election,some had hoped the NDP had matured and entered the real world that grownups have to inhabit, but it seems they're still the meeting place for every extremist viewpoint in the political spectrum.

Let's hope this 102 seat victory is a one-time event.


Anonymous said...

My view is that the new crowd in the NDP ranks will give us scribblers so many fun things to write about in the next few years they will be shattered by the new never before scrutiny.
I won't my time doing a dichotomy on
why they gained so many seats. What I will have fun with is the reality that weeds grow when they get sunshine...and they will get sunshine.
Already...Bin Ladin ain't dead and Las Vegas holidays with phony signatures. Wait until libby rises in the house to support Hamas.
I get excited just thinking about the potential columns they will give us without having to work at it.
We need to relax and enjoy the comedy!

James Walker said...

Check out Angry NDP MP Libby Davies here on CPAC starting at 1:57:35, she says "Christ !" at the end.


Patsplace said...

The party for the insane. Ain't it nice they've got a place to go that isn't under lock & key! Y'know, with guards, nurses & meds.

Hong Kong Bobo said...

From the internet:

Thomas "UFO" Mulcair (as in, unidentified-flying-Osama)

Jacques "The Crotch" Layton (or simply, "Crotch" Layton)

We need a nickname for Libby.

Neo Conservative said...

fortunately, folks... people woke up in time... and gave the conservatives the majority this country so badly needed.

just try to imagine the harm these dipper loons could have wreaked... had they actually been able to get their hands on the levers of power.


David said...

A nickname for Libby?

Libby 'Leningrad' Davies.