29 May 2011

The New Separatistes

It didn't take Jacko any time at all to bow down to his new Overlords...

"The NDP is determined to adopt measures to better protect Quebec's linguistic and cultural rights," Layton said.

The NDP's deputy leader, Thomas Mulcair, said the NDP recognizes Quebec needs to be treated differently than the rest of the country when it comes to certain issues like culture and language.


Anonymous said...


The NDP, a member of Socialist International, seeks resolution to every plausible economic, social, and/or culture dilemma through, excessively expensive, ineffective, incompetent statist which, illogicality and absurdity hinders GDP growth, and thereby the standard of living of the very citizens they are endeavoring to assist.

The paradox is that they consistently demand more taxes, more redistribution of wealth through more ineffectual exceedingly expensive agencies, commissions, and Crown Corporations; on the other hand, they profess that these same agencies can produce wealth. Anyone claiming intelligence, and who has observed governments in action, is well aware that is a hollow, deceptive, spurious fallacy.

These equalitarian socialist fail to apprehend that deficit spending for welfare equalization, universal social benefits, and equalize family and social services are not investments in future generations; rather, they are instruments that will vastly increase future poverty levels, taxes, and decrease employment while ensuring a decreased standards of living and insolvency.

These morons, when building their fantasy utopia, somehow do not think that it is any less immoral to force the unborn to pay for our debt through future higher taxes, and lower living standards of living, than it is to slaughter the unborn in abortion torture chambers.


maryT said...

Hate to be the one to tell Mulcair, but Quebec is no longer special to the rest of Canada. Who will protect the linguistic and culture of english speaking Canadians. Some of them live in Quebec. And if the ndpq members elected in other provinces cater to Que. will they get re-elected. Doubt it. And will they stay in the ndpq caucus for four years, doubt it.

alexb said...

Seems the NDP is trying to follow the Liberals down the memory hole.

fernstalbert said...

So is anyone surprised how much media time Mulcair is receiving? The MSM treats him like leader - poor Jack - sidelined already and Parliament has not even begun. Cheers.

Pissedoff said...

Well I suppose when his Quebec MPs cross to the Bloc and his ROC MPs cross to the Libs E-Jack and Chow Chow can hold their two person caucus in a phone booth.

Canadi-anna said...

Jack's opened the pandora's box. It's gonna be interesting seeing how he handles it for the next four years. Could be the NDP's new name with be the *New Kids on da Bloc*. I think we're seeing the beginnings of another regional rump party. Good on him.

Neo Conservative said...

"*New Kids on da Bloc*"

i love it.


Frances said...

Neo - do me a favour - go through all the ridings and list the number of eligible voters. I'd like to see just how much my vote ranks.

On line, my riding showed a "population' of 114615 with 'voters' of 86267. Not saying where I lived, but I would like to know just how much weight a voter from - let us say - BC, Alta,Ont - has against a voter from Quebec or PEI.

dmorris said...

Layton was very careful to keep this side of his agenda invisible to Canadians West of Quebec.

It seems the s.o.b. would rather be PM of a sovereign Quebec than leader of the Opposition in a united Canada.

Invite the West to your goddamned referendum, Jack,I personally would love to vote on it!

Layton's a worse traitor to this Country than Duceppe or Levesque ever were, a Quisling in communists clothing.