02 May 2011

Alright... this changes everything...

welcome to paradise...now that President McDreamy has officially endorsed capital punishment... executioner-in-chief**********

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"Cheney's 'assasination ring' are today's heroes. What a difference a Democrat makes."

LAST WORD: Hole in 1 or 1 in hole
hole in one


Dave said...

60's, Republican President involved in unpopular war in Vietnam, and military excursions across borders into neighboring countries was bad, leading to mass demonstrations.

Afghanistan, and military excursions across borders into neighboring countries is now good, with the mass demonstrations being in support of government policy.

Not to mention sending assault troops into an allied country without notice or consent.

Don't get me wrong, as Harper put it, I have a sense of "sober satisfaction" on hearing this news.

I just find it hard to swallow the world view that would have demonized Bush for sending out a "hit squad", and still condemn Israel for doing the same thing.


Neo Conservative said...

if this had happened under bush, the msm would have had a field day calling him a cold-blooded murderer.

obama... he's a hero.

gitmo's still open... those wars are still going on... where's the lunatic left and the media now?

funny how that works.


Neo Conservative said...

update: apparently, the ndp is good with targeted assasinations...

" - TORONTO - NDP Leader Jack Layton thanked the men and women in uniform shortly after U.S. President Barack Obama announced that Osama Bin Laden was killed in a U.S. raid."