04 May 2011

Lunatic devotees apparently struck dumb...

...as mythical leader oversees cold-blooded murder of unarmed suspect...

Asked how bin Laden could resist capture if he were unarmed, Mr. Carney said he was unable to elaborate. "Resistance does not require a firearm,” he said.
Heck... he's just so McDreamy, isn't he?

And, hey... it's not like anybody used a taser...
1) "Just another police murder."

2) "The Mounties didn't 'subdue' Robert Dziekanski with a Taser. They killed him with one."

3) "I'd be agitated too if the cops show up intent on killing me. Just another day in Harper's Canada."

4) "When is somebody going to take those portable electric chairs away from those yahoo cops."

5) "Police State is here alive and well in Canada."
For the record, folks... gun or no gun... I'm perfectly okay with Seal Team 6 blowin' Sammy right outta his Air Jordans.

I'm just a little surprised none of the usual ugly little trolls have been around to scream about due process for poor Osama.


Mr. Neutron said...

Re the "the usual ugly little trolls", have no fear. The UN has that covered.


Anonymous said...

I've seen various turd lickers around the interwebs bitching and moaning about the crowds in the US celebrating! They were comparing it to how the terrorists were cheering over the 911 attacks. Hey leftards guess what there's a big difference in celebrating the elimination of a mass murdering lunatic and celebrating his crimes. I can't believe some people.

Frankly if I were a libtard watching these events unfold I'd either keep my trap shut or join in the celebration. The world is a better place without that guy around and even the most hardcore loon has gotta admit that.

Neo Conservative said...

but, but, but... we here in north america can't live in a horrible police state... there's gotta be due process... and the repressive organs of government can't just go around executing people in cold blood like they do in, you know... ottawa... 'cos then we're just like the terrorists.

oh wait... it's that shiny, heroic president mcdreamy... carry on.