21 May 2011

So, Peace Moonbeam... let's be honest...

...how about you tell me how much safer you feel since the Liberals decided to drop two billion taxpayer dollars to chase after farmers, duck hunters & target shooters?
farmer bob rifle registry


badbeta said...

It's even worse than that. Want a crossbow and you have to take a firearms course. Want to shoot the gophers that are making holes in your fields with a pellet gun? Not without going through the same hassle as getting a 30.30. A significant percentage of all murders in Canada are performed with knifes. Why the double standard? Then we can move on to forks and spoons. :)

Peter said...

This must be a bogus article. Simply a fabrication, it has to be a lie. The gun registry keeps us safe and removes all weapons from the hands of evildoers, just as liberals, they'll tell you.

robins111 said...

One of our enterprizing souls at another site did a comparison of a 15 block area in Trawna and Deadwood during its heyday.

The results show that jane and finch were roughly 75 times more dangerous that 'the wild west' that the anti-gun crowd warn us about.

Interestingly enough, ryerson and york are at ground zero for this playroom, which is the usual stomping ground for the gun ban crowd.

Based on recent events, the youth crowd have renamed York-U to Rape-U.

Neo Conservative said...

handguns... the weapon of choice for the criminal underclass... have been both registered & restricted in canada since the 1930s.

the decision by the liberals to also harrass farmers, hunters & sport shooters was an exercise in public relations after gamil gharbi butchered a bunch of women in montreal.

this 2 billion dollar song & dance... did absolutely nothing to address the increasingly violent urban crime we see everyday in the media.

my prime minister will lop the head off this ugly, wasteful monster.


Patsplace said...

Yes, indeed!! And why Gamil Gharbi murdered those women at Ecole Polytech? Because they were getting an education and thought themselves "smart". Because of the actions of this piece of twisted excrement, I as a white male gun owner am demonized? It's a sickening and revolting example the left lying about why they wish to impose greater and greater control over the citizens. Screw 'em.