25 May 2011

Oh Canada

Beautiful British Columbia... where, apparently... there's no such thing as an unbailable bad boy.

Hmmm... maybe they're just taking their cues from California.


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...but you still haven't given me an answer.


dmorris said...

"The twins are convicted kidnappers who have associated with leading members of several Metro Vancouver gangs, including the United Nations and the Red Scorpions."

Isn't diversity wonderful! We can enjoy criminal gangs from every ethnic group!

It bothers me, a lot,that we live in a Country where assholes like these are allowed to exist,and for people like these,am all in favour of the Singapore or China approach to organized crime,the AK-47 bullet to the back of the head.

But,I suppose somewhere,some dreamy-eyed social worker believes these boys have just gotten off the path of righteousness,and with a little love and understanding,well, who knows!

Neo Conservative said...

oh, cmon now... obviously these poor boys didn't get enough love & affirmation from society when they were growing up.

i'm sure the john howard society will fix whatever ails them.


JA Goneaux said...

Lucy. Charlie Brown. Football.

Today's Toronto examples:

"...16−year−old boy was arrested and charged with:

7. Possession of a Firearm Contrary to Prohibition Order
8. Possession of Ammunition Contrary to Prohibition Order
9. three counts of Fail to Comply Recognizance
10. Fail/Refuse to Comply Y.C.J.A.

Two boys, ages 16 and 17, have each been charged with:

4. Fail to Comply

Dayne Sitladeen 20, of Toronto, has been charged with:

11) Possession of a firearm contrary to prohibition order,
17) Possession of ammunition contrary to a prohibition order,
20) Fail to comply with probation,
27) Warrant in the first fail to comply probation.

Yeah, that'll learn 'em...slap the OTHER wrist this time, though, don't want to harm the little gangstas. Might force them into a life of crime...oh, wait a minute...

Neo Conservative said...

geez... and here i thought former toronto mayor david miller had solved all of toronto's urban gun crime problems.

maybe going after law-abiding citizens with legally registered firearms isn't the solution?

who'da thunk it?


Anonymous said...

Why shouldn't judges let these scum out on bail? After all worrying about crime is for "little people".

I mean when your a wealthy judge you live in a privately patrolled neibourhood, sleep in an alarmed house, have preferential response time on police calls and work in a fortress surrounded by publically paid armed guards.

Why the hell would YOU worry about it?

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... work in a fortress surrounded by publically paid armed guards"

readers digest version... dr dawg is just a latent conservative who hasn't been taken off by a knife-wielding junkie crack-whore... yet.


Neo Conservative said...

hmmm... my biggest fan, nonny... he begs to differ.

in nonny's world... apparently, there's no such thing as a bad boy.