01 May 2011

"Pay no attention... to that man..."

"...behind the curtain..."yellow brick road


Rose said...

I wonder how many Chinese sex slaves would of been protected had this story broken when the incident happened via public exposure? I guess the touchy feely leftard media isn't the least bit concerned that their hiding the story could of aided those that traffic in the foreign sex slave industry in Canada? If a public official can walk away from a known hore house that shows the level of apathy the media has on the sex slave industry.

Besides the entire incident sullies the legit massage industry, thanks male dominated liberal media your misogynists never fail to make my skin crawl.

Anonymous said...

Heil Harper!

Neo Conservative said...

hmmm... another half dozen rants as "liberal supporter" with twice as many from his alter ego "anonymous".

so how many of these are we up to just today, libby?

you pathetic little loner. i almost feel sorry for you.