06 May 2011

That evil, uber-controlling Stephen Harp...

...wait a minute...
chessmaster jackIs there some special Dipper blackbag team that snatches up NDP candidates, takes them to secret locations... and pumps them full of party propaganda?

She was nowhere to be seen during the election campaign and newly elected MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau remained incommunicado Thursday as the NDP put her through intensive language training before she faces public scrutiny.

Ms. Brosseau never went to the Berthier-Maskinongé riding to meet voters during the campaign. She had no campaign workers, no campaign headquarters, no money. She simply placed her name on the ballot and won.
Wow... what's the odds on pulling that off, huh? That's gotta be a one in a mill... c'est what?!?
And she wasn’t the only NDP candidate to coast to victory with no campaigning.

Mylène Freeman, a 22-year-old McGill University political science student, was elected in Argenteuil-Papineau Mirabel, northwest of Montreal.

She also was never in the riding, because she didn’t expect to win, preferring instead to help the campaign of NDP Quebec lieutenant Tom Mulcair, who was running in Montreal.
Oh, Quebec... what have you done to yourselves?


Anonymous said...

What have they done? Cost the rest of us a sh**load of money for salaries, subsidies and expenses for MP's that will serve no other purpose than to heat a seat in the HOC.

oxygentax said...

I think it's important for Quebecers to remember one thing:

They did it to themselves.

They have nobody to blame but themselves. I hope they try to play the victim card over this so that millions of people can remind them of that fact.

Anonymous said...

I'm suddenly regretting not throwing my hat into the "Quebec MP Sweepstakes"

Neo Conservative said...

a universal truth... you get the kind of government you deserve.

maybe next time... quebeckers shouldn't let the media decide for them.


The Grey Lady said...

I guess we can now put the "sophisticated voter" nonsense about quebec now? They voted like sheep and now are stuck with merd. I hope they enjoy the aroma and flavour of their choices.

obituary said...

I too suddenly regretting not throwing my hat into the "Quebec MP Sweepstakes"