02 May 2011

You don't have to be an economist...

...to figure out we're balanced on a knife-edge here... but, today... you might just wanna vote for one...

In 2010, the average Canadian family faced a total tax bill of $29,913 against income of $72,393. This means all taxes imposed on the average Canadian family consumed more than 41% of its annual income.
Now, let's be honest. We get another Harper minority government... you just know the Liberals & NDP are gonna snuggle up and do that non-confidence mambo all over again. And, the stark reality here is... with Michael Ignatieff flailing around in the political toilet... that's gonna mean Prime Minister Jack Layton... and very possibly Finance Minister Olivia Chow.

I swear, I get dizzy just considering the possibility.

With 80 billion dollars in Dipper pipedream promises already on the table... you think that's gonna make your personal balance sheet look better or worse? I mean... look at what the Layton/ Chow tagteam and their left-leaning sideshow already did in Toronto.

All I'm sayin', friends... you might wanna think twice before you pass up an opportunity to re-elect a Conservative government... this time with a majority.

Never mind an unnecessary 300 million dollar election... you help bring about the defeat of the very government managing the best performing economy of all the G8 nations, well... gawds help us all.


maryT said...

Just read today that the liberals are in danger of not only losing a lot of per vote money, but also the budget for the office of the OLO. That is a lot of money for Layton to use to research whatever. There are many perks that go with that position.
Those voting ndp have a big shock coming if Layton wins a minority govt. Most, if not all his promises must go thru the HofC, plus the Senate, then the GG.
I think they will get very disappoited that his promises will be broken.
Wonder if the death of OBL will have an effect, and voters will realize that we need a strong military to protect us from retaliation attacks. The US has already issued a travel warning.

Neo Conservative said...

like i said, i don't even wanna think about it.

naive, rookie cabinet ministers under the sway of two former uber-socialist city councillors willing to construct their own reality... it'd be a disaster for the whole country... if not the world.