07 May 2011

Here's the pictures...

...you really wanna see...

In a White House briefing on Monday, counterterrorism chief John Brennan said that he and the rest of Obama’s team were “able to monitor the situation in real time” and were given “regular updates” as the operation proceeded, but wouldn’t say whether there was a live video feed.

Even though the government won’t confirm that the SEALs were wearing cameras, a military spokesman tells The Daily Beast that video is a routine part of many combat missions.
Why do you think Obama's being so cagey about releasing ANY photographic evidence related to the bin-Laden execution?

Think about it.


UPDATE: Here's what Barry O...

...allows you to see...
In the short clips, bin Laden appears hunched and tired, seated on the floor, watching television wrapped in a wool blanket and wearing a knit cap.


ward said...

I think its because they did not get Bin Laden.

Bad intel, botched mission. A bunch of dead muslims who weren't OBL.

Obama just authorized a mission - without Pakistans permission- that resulted in the murder of quite a few people who, based on the pics of how they lived, might have been derilicts or junkies.

Now Obama has a problem. Solution. Say you got him (since there is about zero chance he will be showing up anywhere else given that he has not done so for 10 years), and create the scenario that allows you to dispose of the body.

Neo Conservative said...

nah... they got him.

no way 20 navy seals are gonna go along with some bullshit cover-up for the car-salesman-in chief.

and you really think they had a fake funeral on a navy ship... in front of a thousand sailors... just to further the narrative?

they just don's wanna show video of a naked, unarmed obl gettin' scragged on mcdreamy's orders.

but somewhere, somehow... it'll eventually get out.

information, as they say, yearns to be free.


ward said...

The only people who would know would be handful of people, and given that he was shot in the face, he would not have had to look much like anyone - just brown with a beard.

Makes no sense why the guy who could not get enough face time prior to Dec. 2001 should all of the sudden dissappear, or be living like a derelict now.

If he was alive why no video since 2001?

Bin Laden has been dead for years.

If its a mistake everyone is accountable. I don't think its a stretch at all to consider coverup.

This thing smells too much. There is absolutely no proof that they got Bin Laden other than Obamas word, and that is not good enough.

I can only imagine if Bush would have said he found the WMD's but they were so poorly maintained that he had no choice but to dump them somewhere in the ocean (location top secret)

syncrodox said...


I wonder what Mc Dreamy swapped the Pakistanis for Bin Hiden.

Neo Conservative said...

"ward says... Bin Laden has been dead for years."

sure, ward... because YOU say so.


ward said...

Neo: No not because I say so, because there is not a scintilla of evidence to prove otherwise - and there were numerous independent media reports from late 2001 that Osama had died, and we have not seen any verifiable evidence since then that he is alive.

Now were to take it on faith just because Obama and a compliant media says so. (which I guess means CO2 really is a pollutant which must be regulated by the UN to save the planet).

He's been living there for years in full view without any real security, and under surveillance for the last couple of years, and no one can produce any sort of picture with a time reference?

And I'm the bad guy?

Neo Conservative said...

"ward asks... And I'm the bad guy?"

are you, ward? i don't believe anyone here made any sort of judgement about your, uh... "badness".

you really believe president mcdreamy would go out on a limb and make this sort of pronouncement, if sammy bin-laden could simply release another one of his infamous videotapes & humiliate the great satan?

you go ahead and believe what you will... but like pj o'rourke, i'm gonna have to see the logic and the lab equipment.

trust me, osama is even deader than michael ignatieff's political aspirations.