14 December 2010

It stalled? It broke down? Seriously?

'Cos if we're going with analogies... it kinda looks to me like Iggy & friends poured some sugar in the tank...thug love

"Bill C-23B would take away the ability of someone convicted of three indictable offences to get a pardon, or in the new government terminology, have their record suspended."
Hang on... three indictable offences? Who could possibly object to that?

Of course... Mark the Mouth.


tao_taier said...

A possible compromise would be a time-line?


25 or 30 years later and the issues were resolved and theres no risk of relapse then why not put that into consideration?

Then again I'm not fully versed on the bill or whats going on with it.
It may already have something like that in mind for all I know.

The current opposition have the habit of blocking stuff for the sake of it. For appearances I suspect. After all, the Tories seem to be getting more done of substance in a minority than the libs did over 12 or so years of power.

Neo Conservative said...

just something to consider, the next election rolls around...

"Figures from the Correctional Service of Canada show that the previous Liberal government approved all applications. In comparison, 27 per cent of requests were rejected during the first year of Conservative government."

friends don't let friends vote liberal.