09 December 2010

Jumping the... well... you know


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An extensive search of the WikiLeaks database by the Guardian by date, name and keyword failed to locate any of the incendiary allegations. It suggests this is the first case of WikiLeaks being exploited for propaganda purposes.


Lynn said...

Mossad trains sharks? I had NO idea.

Maybe I should hire them to persuade my dog to retrieve the ball.

It's easier to keep track of the things the Jews HAVEN'T done,than the myriad of things they are alleged to have done.


Neo Conservative said...

well... not like it's anything new for these folks, huh?

"Like the Pallywood nonsense, where 'Green Helmet Guy' ran around in a refrigerated truck salting bombed out buildings with the same dead bodies... so local AP stringers could build up a nice 'war crimes' portfolio."