17 December 2010

Karma... she's a pitiless bitch

Yessirree, I do love a good... "If only I had a magical time machine" story...

-- OTTAWA -- A former Ottawa gang member, deported to Somalia last week, says he would rather be serving a life sentence in a Canadian prison than suffering the trauma of his return.
Geez, Ahmed... maybe that's something you should have considered before going down that glittery, violent, drug-dealing narcissist career path?


jwkozak91 said...

Well - if al-Shabaab doesn't get Ahmed first, he could join up with a quat-dealing gang.

syncrodox said...

If you don't have the smarts don't play the part...simple. No?

dmorris said...

"He's now struggling to survive in Galkayo, in the northeastern Somali state of Puntland."

Puntland! that's where all the pirates operate from!

Get off your lazy ass and go get a job pirating ships!

Especially RUSSIAN ships!

Neo Conservative said...

from everything i've read or seen... the best part of somalia... is way scarier than the worst part of canada.

this moron made it outta hell... and then he just threw it all away.

they should send somebody to somalia & videotape the shit outta his drug-dealin' ass before he gets smoked... and show it to "at risk" canadian thugs-in-training.