28 December 2010

What's life without a dream, huh?

As comedian Chris Rock once famously said...

"You're not supposed to go to jail, you low-expectation-havin' motherf@cker!"
oh my gawd
-- "Plenty of people got beat up, shot and stabbed in 2010 but there were no killings. The last year that was murder-free was 1963." --

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Remember, you were a kid... people used to steal cars at gunpoint?

Yeah... me neither...
Mounties in Richmond, B.C are warning the public to be vigilant after a series of recent armed carjackings in parking lots.


Anonymous said...

Since I live in Windsor I can write with all impunity that our economic situation has created a society without wealth.
Therefore the residents have no money to enjoy libations, pocket change and recreational drugs, everyone is broke...except our self indulging politicians.

Neo Conservative said...

this just seems to be so pathetic... "nobody was brutally murdered here this year... hip-hip hoorrah!!!!"

call me wacky, you just might wanna raise the bar a little, folks.