18 December 2010

Two words, Mikey... blue...crush...

And, seriously... "ride the wave"?!?

You seem to be forgetting that you're herding the sharks that created it...we's be twins

“I don’t think it was an anti-government vote. It’s a vote that says, give me what I paid for,” Ignatieff said during the interview in Stornoway, his official Ottawa residence.
Uh-huh... you mean like that ADSCAM thing?

You go with that.

I dare you.


Dance...dance to the radio said...

The Liberals keep looking for a reset button.
They don't see their brand is damaged beyond repair.

Conservatives rebuilt after Kim Campbell.
And you know Mulroney didn't help because he enabled her neglect of the Milgaard file for years.
That she gets to call herself a former Prime Minister while she stole years of that man's life makes me sick.

Anyway, Ignatieff, it has been suggested, is only hanging on for his pension in thirteen months.

He'll make noise, but if he causes an election it's only going to be an accident.

Unless he's taking the long view and falling on his sword to gamble on Harper getting a third minority.
In any case, he's a sacrificial lamb who has too lately realized that he was duped in to leading a party that he has nothing in common with.

Neo Conservative said...

professor zinfandel trying to channel rob ford... somewhere out there... stephane dion is laughing his derriere off.


Anonymous said...

The real truth is, Harper isn't much better off than Iggy.

Both of them are lame leaders, despite the insistence of either side. Harper, will never lead the conservatives to a real stable majority to lead this country truly, and Iggy, well, if he were to actually take power, it'd only be by default really.

There needs to be a shakeup here of what is available to Canadians for government. A true centrist, in either party, needs to lead. Harper's Harris style politic will never fly east of Manitoba, period. Certainly not for long.

Kai said...

I love Iggy. I hope the Libs keep him on for a very long time.