15 December 2010

Today's "listen to your mom" moment

If Jacko and Iggy really wanted to save lives... maybe they could start a national "Wash Your Filthy Hands" registry...

"We found that they kill nearly 5,000 Ontarians every year, representing about six per cent of all deaths."
Meanwhile, in other startling, "gravity holding shit down" news... unfortunately, no... they're not talking about the human brain...
"Size is extremely important to the effectiveness. The larger the size, the greater the impact. Health Canada has done some excellent research, it's a matter of public record."

MY PERSONAL OPINION: Thinning the herd
It's a free country, it's not illegal... but if I were supreme dictator and for as long as we have publicly financed healthcare... every smoker in the land would be forced to wear a "Darwin was Right" t-shirt to purchase these things.

And I bet it still wouldn't stop them.


Anonymous said...

I quit smoking about 9 years ago, after smoking for over 25, so I have a handle on how hard it is to quit, and stay off nicotine.

Here is my rant.

I don't mind fools that want to fall off mountains, or jump out of perfectly serviceable aircraft, or sail the seven seas, or make an expedition to the north pole, or race overpowered cars and motorcycles, etc.... for kicks.

But I really hate having to pay for their rescue and medical treatment after they bugger it up. Maybe we should restrict them from doing such dangerous stuff, it would be both cheaper and, well, in their best interests, heck in this day and age, you could sell it as the "green" option.

Hey, how about we tax pop, chips, bars and ice cream at the same rate per gram/ml that we currently tax cigarettes and alcohol? Think of the thinner population, the lower long term health care costs, the better teeth....

Hey, maybe we weigh everyone once a year, then tax them based on their BMI? I mean we already know that those who exceed the 30 and are under 18 are at risk for long term health issues, may as well make them pay their fair share for their lifestyle too.

They could all wear Darwin teeshirts too, after all, it's for their own good.

OK, rant over.


Neo Conservative said...

well, mitch... obviously i'm not gonna get to be supreme dictator... so i'll just have to settle for blowing off a little steam as well.

the sad truth is... lifelong smokers like my own father & mother-in-law have already paid the price for their stupidity.

who says there's no death penalty in canada?