07 December 2010

Not a week goes by, I don't receive...

...at least one angry, foaming denunciation, demanding to know what I have against Toronto...and, well, not to belabour the point... it's stuff like this...

The Vaughan Rd. and Oakwood Ave.-area house was hit by Molotov cocktails early Monday morning, less than three days after bullets were fired at the house during a drive-by shooting, Toronto Police said.

Cops were called to the home, which sits in an area plagued by gang violence in recent years, just after 11:30 p.m. on Friday after two shots were fired at the front of the house.
I was born in Toronto... and lived there for the first 10 years of my life. I later worked there, for the better part of another decade... most of that right downtown. Thing is... I just don't remember all the mayhem. Now, it's what... a body a week?

And firebombing a home in a residential neighbourhood? What's next... somebody lobs a frag into a high school cafeteria?

The burgeoning violence was no small part of why we chose to pick up stakes 10 years ago and head for the sticks. And it's turned out to be one of the smartest moves of my adult life.

My son is now in high school. I don't think he's ever seen, never mind been involved in, a fist-fight. We can walk out back and come across all kinds of wildlife. The infrequent traffic problems we run up against mostly involve ungulates. And the only cocktails we encounter here... are either fruit or vegetable.

Oh yeah... I used to live on Winona Drive.

Toronto... you can have it.


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See... it ain't just the people who die...
Speaking of that, in a year when Toronto has had 300 shooting victims, are we getting our millions' worth on the other programs set up to help them?


Michael Harkov said...

Well what about if they come out with more Basketball programs? Will that be enough to entice you back?

Anonymous said...

you don't -remember-, all the crime in Toronto a couple decades ago? Do you even read the crime stats?

I've lived in Toronto for 45 years, and if you don't remember bodies being found in refrigerators and people getting shot in restaurants, then I'm sorry pal but you must have been deaf blind and... dumb.

If you actually DID live here, and had your eyes open, then I'd say you're just not being truthful at all.

So what happens now that we have a right wing mayor, a tory "law and order" federal government", and doofus McGuinty is soon taken down by Hudak?

What's the excuse now, and then? Is it all McGuinty's fault???

Always a liberal hidin in the corners eh. Perhaps like Flanagan, you could suggest killing them.

RightGirl said...

I wonder if Toronto doesn't merely suffer from too many people per square foot? If you put a bunch of animals into a tiny cage, they'll kill each other. Big cities are no different. They make people as crazy as the Rage Monkeys from 28 Days Later.


Beth T-Dot said...

So you hate Toronto? How utterly original.

If you're so sure you made the right choice 10 years ago, why are you always on about a place you have no interest in? Are you trying to convince me how clever you are?

If you're not a gang banger, chances are pretty damn good that violent crime will not feature in your urban life. It seems to me that all the big name serial killers come from small communities. What's up with that?

The traffic congestion sucks, I'll give you that but Bobbie Ford's gonna fix that.... Me? I ride my bike, walk and use transit. ( I also enjoy big city lattes and rousing discussions with my big city friends obsessing about what's happening in the sticks )

Anyhow,I'll leave you to your idyllic life that seems to revolve around linking to big city murders, lunatics like Kathy Shaidle and hating stuff. It all sounds so rich.

Have a Merry Christams! I bet you're going to shoot your own goose and everything!

Neo Conservative said...

"beth says... seems to me that all the big name serial killers come from small communities"

i dunno, beth... paul bernardo was from toronto the good. russell williams attended upper canada college... which was iggy's alma mater.

that's your premise... toronto is a sleepy, little burg full of affable, latte-lovin' hippies... except, for.. . you know... those people?

hmmm... try tell that to the 198 folks who had something to say about poor little clayton hill.

merry, uh... christams to you too.


Neo Conservative said...


live & don't learn... that's us...

-- TORONTO -- More than 100 firefighters were needed early Monday to tame a five-alarm blaze at a west end house that had been targeted in a drive-by shooting and a Molotov cocktail attack earlier this month.