10 December 2010

You don't tug on Superman's cape...

...and you don't mess around with, uhm... Alice...

“I think I am a real nice person. If he had come and knocked on my door, I probably would have opened it. That’s the kind of person I am. I like to laugh. I like to joke. I am a soft-hearted person.”

She dialed 911. Two days later the RCMP made an arrest.
[via reader jo]

"Call for a cop, call for an ambulance, call for a pizza -- see which shows up first. When is she going to be charged with assault?"

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...is hang all the lawyers...
-- VANCOUVER -- Eric Kirkpatrick was “highly compromised” by his epilepsy medication and not thinking clearly when he shot his boss several times with a shotgun, the accused killer’s lawyer told a jury Thursday.

“He had no plan to kill Ben Banky. He liked Ben Banky a lot. He respected him. They shared the same values.”
Hang on a second... who did Ben Banky murder?

And why do we let lawyers say stuff like this?


robins111 said...

Betcha he'll has a great ol' time in cells, trying to bust up an old lady and getting your ass kicked by same, he'll be wearing a bitch sign for his stay.

Neo Conservative said...

nope... no such thing as shame anymore. and being a degenerate junkie thug... that's an illness, dontcha know?

my guess is he'll be getting in touch with the local "civil liberties" group to see about launching a lawsuit for excessive force.

it's how we roll in fuzzy-bunny canada.


Chris said...

Oh Neo... don't spout too much on civil liberties. You have certainly enjoyed them. All it takes is just a couple of government policies about 'public criticism' and your website is shut down and you are sitting in the same cell.

Can't happen? Well, I sure hope it doesn't but once you take away some civil liberties for one class of people, it becomes much easier to take away more liberties from other classes of people.

Just think of what a guy like McGuinty would like to do to all the websites like yours... Right now, he can only read them. You can thank 'civil liberties' for that.

robins111 said...

I'm thinking we could make a mint, NEO, we just take a couple of truck-loads of Sucker-Spears down to that neck-o-the-woods, and start selling.

In the interest of good science, I would open the barbs real wide with a screwdriver, just to se an all.

In spite of the fact that this poor woman was probably scared speechless she came through like a bob-cat, good for her.

Neo Conservative said...

uh, chris... you're equating my right to free speech... to the civil rights of a degenerate junkie thug who attacked an 80 year-old lady?

what this guy deserved was open-heart pitchfork surgery... not anybody's sympathy.

throw this nasty fuck in jail and weld the door shut.


Chris said...

I am absolutely equating those rights. No hesitation. You are so unbelievably lucky that you live in a country where one can actually defend him or herself against a government's charge.

Many people do not have that.

As a blogger - always be on the look out for a government wanting to erode any of these hard fought rights and their bullshit justifications for doing so: "for the children" "9/11" "minority rights" "popular opinion" are commonly used and are always bullshit.