28 December 2010

I'm sorry... a freak accident is when...

...a 747 drops out of the sky and flattens your entire family... and as tragic as this incident is... it was, unfortunately... entirely preventable, and more to the point, entirely predictable...

freak accidentIn fact... just last month, the very same thing happened to a man entering an underground parking garage in downtown Toronto. The simple fact is, you never, never, ever... lean out of the door of your car while the transmission is engaged. The risk of falling out of the vehicle... or, as in these two very recent cases, being crushed in the door opening is a very clear & present danger.

Perhaps the media, instead of trying to portray this thing as an "Act of God"... might alert people to the actual issue here. Whatever happened to... "if it saves just one life?"

Oh right... that wouldn't sell papers, would it?


Anonymous said...

Just like when drunk drivers kill their unfortunate carmates.
The papers should headline the stupid decision making of all these preventable tragedies. It would go a long way to educate those who otherwise won't listen to reason.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... Just like when drunk drivers kill their unfortunate carmates."

nope... read slower... it's not like that at all.

driving drunk is a criminal act. the incidents described here were simply a moment of thoughtlessness with lethal consequences.

this woman was neither unintelligent nor criminally negligent. from the info in the articles, i suspect she would have been the first person to advocate "listening to reason."

the point is, by labelling this "a freak accident"... the media is implying that the end result here was unavoidable... that it could have happened anytime, anywhere to anybody.

in actual fact... it wouldn't have happened... to anybody who simply put the transmission lever into "park" before opening the car door.

there's the lesson. unfortunately, the media chooses to go with... "if it bleeds, it leads."

you get that, right?


MONSTER said...

Got to say that I`ve done some pretty stupid things that should have kilt me. MONSTER

Neo Conservative said...

well, monster... i think we'll just file that comment under "spectacularly unhelpful".

although, in fairness, there's obviously nothing anyone could say that makes anyone feel better about this one.


Anonymous said...

Those who rode with drunk drivers made the stupid decision - just as this unfortunate woman made a stupid decision. Young people who get into cars driven by drunks are unaware of a "moment of thoughtlessness with lethal consequences."
I say it is the duty of our media to make it plain what the stupid decisions are.
I totally agree. It was not a freak accident.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... Young people who get into cars driven by drunks are unaware of a "moment of thoughtlessness with lethal consequences."

well, call me wacky, but i'm guessing that's not entirely factual. alcohol, regardless of iq, impairs both normal inhibition and rational thought, but you'd have to be an utter moron to climb into a car with a drunk driver.

fwiw, my 14 year-old son knows not to get in a car driven by someone who's been drinking... but he may not have considered the consequences of leaning out a car door while it's stopped.

but again... you're entirely missing the point here... see above @2:03.


Rose said...

To be honest I had no idea it twas dangerous, I'm really short and I can't reach the toll/parking ticket booths' machines so I have to park the truck and roll down the window unhook the seat belt and reach out of the truck but I've never opened the door or left the vehicle in neutral.

Neo Conservative said...

in the final analysis, it's pretty simple physics here, folks. don't be overly casual around a mobile/moving 3 ton chunk of metal.

you get sloppy, it can bite your head off.