16 December 2010

Well, whaddaya know...

...a little humanity...

Judge MacPherson deliberately scanned the small courtroom, his eyes seeking out the clutch of people – Stefanie’s parents and stepfather, grandparents, an aunt, her baby brother Ian – in the back row.

“We know there are family members present,” Judge MacPherson said. “You sit here to listen to legal arguments and you have to …[but] we know there’s a personal side of this.

“We are just very sorry you have to relive this again, very sorry something like this has come your way.


R. G. Harvie said...

Shameless hijack of your blog for a moment, HoM.

Tis the season for a friendly blogger challenge - to put down our punditry and complaining for a moment to do some small act for someone else - and then blog about it and challenge others to do the same.

Your mission if you choose it:

Small Hero Challenge