11 December 2010

So... are you listening now?

Two nearly simultaneous explosions rocked central Stockholm on Saturday evening, killing one person and injuring two others. Police believe the man who died may have blown himself up.

The fatal blast occurred just minutes after a car exploded on another nearby street sending two people to hospital.

Roughly ten minutes before the explosions, Swedish news agency TT received an email telling Muslims in Sweden and Europe it was "time to take action".
Geez... that kinda sounds like a clue.


FROM THE CBC COMMENTS: Traveling hopefully, as always...
"Its a little early to surmise what really happened. It may have been a terrorist attack or not."
Hey, Sunny from Surrey... read slower...

From the CBC article...
Swedish media also reported that a suicide bomber blew himself up about 200 metres from the car. The man apparently had canisters on him and shouted in Arabic before the blast.

Swedish media were also reportedly sent a threatening email before the blast, criticizing the role of Swedish soldiers in Afghanistan and urging Muslims to take action.
[video here]


UPDATE: Paging CBC's Sunny from Surrey, BC
Sweden's SVT television later reported that the man who died in the attack was the bomber. A bag filled with nails was found near the body, SVT said.
Hey, Sunny... maybe he was a carpenter, huh? Or, how about a plumber?
The Aftonbladet newspaper quoted a source as saying that the man was carrying six pipebombs, of which only one exploded.


Kursk said...

The war on us is starting.

Stock up.

robins111 said...

Had to be those frigging Baptist, everybody knows how crazy they are.

trencherbone said...

Muslims have been trying to attack Christmas crowds and festivities for several years.

Neo Conservative said...

early reports are suggesting the bombers blew themselves up without causing other fatalities... how's that for the capricious & unknowable "will of allah"?

never seems to stop them, though... only a matter of time before there's a similar incident at, say... the yonge-bloor subway station.

wake up, folks... and smell the jihad.


Anonymous said...

Nope nothing to see here folks. Keep on moving. Everything is just fine. Don't worry you little minds we have it all under control. etc. etc.

Neo Conservative said...

frankly, i've been waiting for the other shoe to drop since 9/11.

the thing is, to really capture the world's attention again... the jihadis have to make it (forgive me, i don't have the words)... bigger & better... than their previous bouts of mass murder.

a couple of bombs in stockholm... that's just a little cheering from the sidelines.

most people don't seem to realise that 9/11 was the second attempt to bring down the towers... north americans are too busy buying breathe-rite nasal strips & hypnotising themselves with "so you think you can dance"... to see the bigger picture.

or maybe we've just been conditioned to expect bruce willis & sylvester stallone to swoop in and save the day.

trust me, while we go about our daily humdrum lives... bin laden, mullah omar & friends are most assuredly working on a sequel to bringing down the world trade centre.

they simply can't let their gawd down.


Honey Pot said...

Today they will be touting the line that he was acting alone, and no one in the local muslim community knew him. Just another case of sudden jihad syndrome where the muslim terrorist's actions will be downplayed as an amatuer attempt by a misunderstood muslim.

Mr. Neutron said...

We're lucky this is the 'Religion of Peace', and not the 'Religion of Blowing Up Stuff and Killing People'. If they just manage to blow themselves up without hurting anyone else, like this rocket scientist did, them I really don't have a problem with it.