18 December 2010

Write your own headline

-- OTTAWA -- Daniel Maxheleau, the paranoid schizophrenic who stabbed his parents and sister to death five years ago, wants to keep information about his latest transgressions secret.

The 35-year-old was supposed to appear before the review board Friday for a "restriction of liberty" hearing to determine whether he is fit to be living on his own.

But Maxheleau was so anxious about appearing before the board and members of the press, he refused to appear, instead opting to sit in the double-locked psychiatric unit where he's lived since Nov. 3.
Anxiety, huh? That's what we're calling it now? What does that mean exactly?
Police returned him to the Royal Ottawa Hospital after he was spotted walking naked and screaming in the street near his Findlay Creek home in Ottawa's south end.
Wait, wait... gimme a second here.

Never mind the naked psychotic rage thing... this guy slaughtered his entire family and he's out on the street in less than five years?



Powell lucas said...

It's only fair that this guy should be released. After all the members of the board that let him out are more crazy than he is, and they're out walking the streets.

Anonymous said...

Of course he had to be let out - the only reason he was being kept in custody was that he murdered people - not through malice, but through his 'sickness'. The proof of his no longer being a danger to society was him not murdering anyone else whilst in custody, and after all under strict supervision he was probably taking anti-psychotic medication. Since he was probably found not guilty of murder by reason of insanity, but committed to a institution, the authorities took into account his lack of further murders and his stability on medication, and felt that condition would continue to exist once he was released. After all, his human rights would be curtailed if he was institutionalised since he was not a murderer (just 'sick') and now on his medication.

[Channelled from a liberal mind]

L said...

Remember, all the lefty idealists thought psychiatric facilities were mean. Some people still can not cope without confinement.

oxygentax said...

Makes one hope for a few things, not the least of which are specific sentences for violent, mentally ill criminals, and future technologies which allow one to ensure that psychosis meds can be automatically administered to ensure that these whack jobs can't intentionally go off their meds.

Might sound harsh coming from a libertarian, but there's a point where public safety should trump an individual's rights.

Anonymous said...

He lives by the credo of the modernist age, as do the shrinks:

"I am an adult. Therefore, I take no responsibility for anything I say or do. If any of my actions hurt or offend anyone, it is not my fault. These actions are the result of some childhood trauma which I have repressed."

Anonymous said...

Many years ago, I was told a story which is probably apochryphal, but damn it sounds like it could be true.

Long long ago, in a galaxy far far away, juries were not prohibited from talking about their deliberations...
So there was a deeply conflicted individual who raped and murdered a young boy. But he was clearly disturbed, as otherwise why would anyone DO such a thing? So he was sent for 'treatment'.
Some years later it was determined that he was 'cured', and he was released.

Some months later, he did it again. At trial, both the Crown and the defence paraded a number of shrinks to 'expertly' discuss the defendant's mental state.

The jury convicted him, rejecting the 'insanity' defence. One of the jurors was asked if they had not thought the defendant was not truly sane. "Nuttier than a fruitcake, but we weren't going to let the real fruitcakes let him loose again".

And supposedly, the Criminal Code was revised so jurors cannot discuss their deliberations.

Don't know about that part, but the jury exhibited the common sense which is anything but common anyone the 'educated'.