08 December 2010

Helpless... by Christie Blatchford

I thought I knew all about the fiasco surrounding the aboriginal occupation of Caledonia, Ontario. I was wrong.

Just finished reading Christie Blatchford's book and it's full of interesting stuff that never hit the mainstream news.

She also talks about getting on Julian Fantino's bad side...

"I had also committed what counts as a cardinal sin in the Fantino book of rules. I had mentioned in a column - it was about a court case involving McHale and Fantino and the appearance of fairness - that Fantino's son Gregory had recently been appointed by the McGuinty government as a justice of the peace, a job that pays $114,000 a year."
You think we live in a country of clear-cut rules & laws.

Think again.

This book is a must read for any political junkie. I went through it in one sitting.

Buy it... and better yet... ask your local library to buy a few copies too.


maryT said...

I ran into Linda Duncan in a bookstore at the Edmonton airport last wkend, and picked up Helpless and said, this is supposed to be a good read. She sort of sneered and said, yes and they just elected the policeman. She was looking for the book Harper but it wasn't there.
It is on my Christmas want list.

Neo Conservative said...

"maryt says... they just elected the policeman"

i think julian fantino surprised & disappointed a great many people with his non-performance in caledonia.

turns out he was a pretty political animal after all.

read the book... and explore the suckass political correctness that overwhelmed common sense after ipperwash.

find out which opp officer (related to dudley george) led such a charmed professional life throughout the caledonia debacle.

the fact is... this whole game was irretrievably gaffed from the start.