08 December 2010

Of course... acceptance & accommodation

That's Job #1...

"You couldn't get much worse timing on that internally," he said, referring to the juxtaposition of the transsexual document and the ombudsman's report.

"It's so removed from what the guys are facing over in Afghanistan ... That doesn't really relate to dress codes of the transgendered."

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Bert said...

Right on.
Besides, just cutting stuff off, or sewing fake stuff on does not your sex change, no matter how much you fool yourself into thinking it does.

Neo Conservative said...

we're at war, for gawd's sake.

how about, for the moment... more shock & awe... less "casey & finnegan".


Grannie said...

I'm concerned about the effectiveness of such "confused" persons in active duty. Maybe they ought to just take a leave of absence until they've got their personal gender issues settled.