16 December 2010

Bend over & grab your ankles Canada...

...it's gonna be alright... because they say so...

The Senate’s internal economy and budget committee however rebuffed the call for more oversight.

“We still have to submit to a whole bunch of rules we established for ourselves.”
Somebody help me out here.

If we abolished the Canadian Senate... right now, right this minute... how, excepting these $130,000 babies... would it affect any of our lives?


jwkozak91 said...

Because of our vast and wide-ranging topography, Canada needs a deliberative body that - unlike the House of Commons - ensures there is an equal voice to each region. (Until the Senate is made to have equal representation by province, we'll have to settle for 5 "regions".)

Every federal state in the world worth it's salt has a Senate or upper house: France, Germany, Italy, Russia (Russia's upper house is flawed like our Senate, but I digress), Japan. Regional concerns are addressed in these chambers with each region / province having an equal number of representatives at the table.

It would be ideal if each Canadian province had an equal share of a Senate proportionally elected. Until that day comes, I honestly don't know what should happen to the Senate.

But the House of Commons should not be elected proportionally.

Anonymous said...

zero effect on anyone's life. i assume the appointees in the senate are already wealthy or have adequate income. as far as i am concerened i don't want or need an appointed body making decisions that may affect my life.

Frances said...

They don't need more rules; they need Rev Can sniffing around and only allowing the same expenses employees in the private sector can get. Anything else for which these senators have been reimbursed should then become a 'taxable benefit' to be reported on a T4 and subject to income tax.

Neo Conservative said...

frances... what's wrong with fire... them... all?


Frances said...

Neo - such as it is, the chamber of 'sober second thought' does provide some protection against government stupidity. Not much, but some.

Besides, think of my idea. Wouldn't you love to see a list of senators who misused their expense accounts now being audited, reassessed, and having to pay major penalties and interest (as well as the tax owing).

oxygentax said...

Uh, Neo?

Need I remind you of a couple of really stupid climate bills that were squashed in the senate?

Neo Conservative said...

sorry... no sale.

whatever the original intention, the canadian senate has devolved into a completely partisan payoff to reward political cronies of the ruling faction.

you might as well call it "bagman u".

and yes that includes the conservatives.

but hey... which party is actually talking about senate reform? i'll give you a hint... it doesn't start with "l".