29 December 2010

Somebody remind me...

...why exactly is it, we're all constantly sucking up to Quebec?

-- MONTREAL -- Attachment to Canada has waned dramatically among young Quebecers: only 18 per cent of those age 18-24 report strong feelings of attachment to the country — a cause for concern for the future of national unity, Jedwab said.

Seniors are the only age group where attachment to Canada is strong, with 49 per cent of those 65 and over describing themselves as strongly attached to the country.
Perhaps Quebec would do well to refocus a little of that "f@ck the anglos" anger...
Media reports have exposed allegations of bribery in some municipal administrations and corruption surrounding the awarding of government contracts in the construction industry.

It has been alleged that construction and engineering firms have funnelled thousands of dollars to the governing Liberals using false names.


Anonymous said...

My son goes to French high school in Quebec and all his history classes so far focus on Canada through the lens of conscription, the repression of Les Patriotes rebels (some of whom were English or Irish which is never mentioned) and the rich English elite supposedly keeping the French Canadians down (though in recent history there were no business schools except for accounting degrees at Laval University - whose fault was that?).

Nothing much about our contributions in World War I and II, for instance.

Is it any wonder young Quebeckers have little allegance to Canada? Plus the media and academics at college and university level are at best nationalists and mostly separatists.
But as the Quebec model comes apart at the seams, some of this may change.

Anonymous said...

Over the years I have listened to the bitching, complaining and separation threats from quebec, it has become very tiring
This is why I want a referendum voted on by real Canadians (quebec would not get a vote) as to if we (Canadians) want quebec to remain in our confederation.
There would be no optional answers a simple YES or NO.

Rob C

Anonymous said...

i donno but we're suckin up to alberta right now.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... suckin up to alberta"

what does that mean, nonny?


Anonymous said...

anon...Sucking up to Alberta??
Are you talking about the continuous trashing that Alberta takes from the government leaders of Ontario and quebec over our OIL SANDS (that are the mainstay of Canada's economy). Pull your head out of your a##,open your eyes and do some research, then you can come and thank Alberta instead to trashing us.

Rob C