11 December 2010

Oh, c'mon... it's not like she's gonna be...

...working in a hostile environment with some of the most dangerous men in Canada... wait...

"As a correctional officer, she will be permitted to wear gloves and long sleeves to avoid skin-to-skin contact with male offenders in accordance with her religious and cultural practices."

"But she is fully aware that in an institutional environment, there may come a time when she does have to have skin-to-skin contact with males."
May come a time?



Alberta Girl said...

" she is aware that she may have to remove the hijab"?

Yeah, and wait for the complaint to the HRC when they tell her to do it.

How did we become a country that bends over backwards for muslims. If I wanted to become a Correctional Officer and made demands to wear something special - I would be told to find some other line of work if that is my attitude.

Neo Conservative said...

this thing has lawsuit written all over it... never mind... how can you be an effective prison guard if your religious and cultural practices prohibit contact with the inmates you are supposed to be responsible for?