27 January 2009

"Then they threw tax credits..."

"...at everything but the kitchen sink. Wait a minute. Even the kitchen sink qualifies for tax relief under the new Home Renovation Tax Credit designed to keep the trades in high demand."
Now we just have to watch Iggy's stylised and elaborate courtship dance...
Shortly before Ignatieff asked for the debate to be adjourned, he said, "The house should know, this is going to be a close call."

Later, on CBC, he said, "There are positive aspects of this budget, which I believe are the result of pressure from the opposition.
That loud drumming sound you hear... is Ignatieff patting himself on the back.


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Special K has decided to throw up a list of Blogging Tories who have expressed concern about the federal budget. That's funny... his usual shtick is all about how BT'ers are "mindless robots".

C'mon buddy, make up your mind.

I suppose we shouldn't be surprised... remember WK's last big project?


LAST WORD: Iggy's "Race Warrior" assistant



David said...

I need a new sink so I support the kitchen sink tax. As a self employed person/farmer I also understand that sometimes I must compromise on principles to keep the ball rolling.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

So what are you saying, Neo? Are you for or agin?

Neo Conservative said...

joanne... i'm saying i feel let down... disappointed... while recognising the political reality here.

i especially don't like that my son is gonna be paying for all this down the road.

how about you?


Joanne (True Blue) said...

Well Neo, I heard a good contre argument about your son paying for all this down the road - at least that road will be paved.

Neo Conservative said...

"joanne says... at least that road will be paved."

not much use though... if you can't afford a car.

maybe they should get around to saving the economy after they fix that 7 hour wait at the local emergency department.


wilson said...

''It will be much lower after the CPC retards are turfed from power.''

And in waltz's the Coalition of Losers,
fittingly lead by the loser of the last lib leadership race, a recent American tourist, Iggy ( and his agent).

Holding his nose high so he can smell the cowsh*t he loves so much,
Iggy's first order of business is to
raise the GST to 8%,
then reverse corporate tax cuts,
and next, balance the books with a huge carbon tax, but only on 'dirty tarsands oil'.

That takes care of kissing Jack's butt, but what about Gilles?

No problem, Gilles got what he wanted already,
Western Canada is in riot mode and there are 49 separtists sitting in government to replace the seats from WC ,
Bloc is cracking the whip,
the coalition of losers will do as they are told, or else, Gilles pulls out.

18 months later... Iggy is turfed as LPC leader (Dion lasted longer than Martin or Iggy) a new saviour is sought,
Iggy writes a book
''coup's for dummies''
conservatives get a majority, the LPC is dead, long live PMSH.

Neo Conservative said...

sorry, wilson... "liberal supporter" has already had his... anonymous, pottymouth... kick at the cat.

we don't feed this particular troll.

-- deleted --


syncrodox said...


While the great bathroom Nazi hunter is amusing his reference to BTer's is predictable.

As count Iggy's chief shapester he's setting the stage for the fight for the middle right.

This should be fun.


maryT said...

What do you mean a 7 hour wait, didn't Paul Martin fix health care for a generation a couple of years ago.
One should be thankful of what is not in the budget, like national day care, money to buy kyoto credits from China, carbon tax, gst raise, tax raises for all, to name a few things the opposition would have.
And iggy is saying it does have many of the opposition ideas, so they will wear the deficit. Think what it would be if they had complete control. And if the economy picks up mid 2009 as some say, much of this spending will not be needed.
What did Craig mean when he said that iggy will vote yes, because if it is defeated it would be months before he (iggy) could present a new one. Does he have a crystal ball.

maryT said...

And another thing, the budget did not have megatons of money for contraception or abortions in the 3rd world. Guess Pelosi had to have that little stimulus idea abandoned. Obama said no.

syncrodox said...

Mary T

Good point...it could be worse.


Rose said...

Neo, it appears the only line of demarcation between a Liberal and a Conservative these days is blind loyality to their PARTY.

Sorry but if I were into blind worship and loyality I'd get another dog, Harper isn't a Conservative he's a Modern Liberal and I'm done supporting a party that espouses socialist clap trap as policy.

I look forward to another election, I'll get the chance to kick the pretend Liberal Party to the curb. If Harper wants to be the leader of a Liberal Party let him join with Iggy. I'm done with the Liberal Lite or Diet Con Party where the word "Principled" has been expelled in favour of liberal pandering and sniveling.

Wonder Woman said...

Wow. It's a shocking break of tradition for Kinsella to link to ANYTHING that isn't congratulatory of Kinsella, at all.

NOW you've hit the mediocre time!

Neo Conservative said...

good ol' "mirror, mirror" kinsella is trying to spread his tiny wings again.

good for him.

i was getting a little tired of hearing about "shitheads from hell".