22 January 2009

Odiously historic

A reader writes...

Yesterday at work, the entire hospital was "dead" between 12 and 1 when Obama gave his speech. So many people interested. And when I kept working, people said to me: "aren't you afraid of missing history?".

The number of people walking around saying things about how the economy is now saved or how terrorism and Israel/Palestine will be solved, poverty, Health Care for all etc. etc.

There are a lot of people with hightened expectations that Obama will deliver on whatever they think their key issue is.

The thing is that US foreign and domestic policy is largely driven by multiple factors outside of the president's control. Mark my words, Obama is simply Bush III.

Sure Obama is half black, and that is historical. Except I don't place much emphasis on the "first" whatever, unless it is the very first person to do something significant.

But I did feel something yesterday, and that was this feeling similar I think to what perhaps some Roman citizens felt near the end of the Empire, when the crowd wanted "free" bread, when corruption ran unheeded, and when the Emperor was propped up by making outrageous promises and spending massive treasure for the crowds only to be dragged out into the streets months later by an angry mob.

Obama is going to spend trillions of dollars on corporate welfare programs and government programs. That is money the US doesn't have, and debt that GDP growth can no longer outgrow. He's doing it on the backs of children and future Americans. And so are we in Canada.

That is odiously historic. And history repeats itself.
As does the mainstream media.


In 2004, George W. Bush continued dividing America with his divisive policies by divisively winning the election with 50.7 per cent of the vote. In 2008, Barack Obama united the entire world in a unifying spirit of unity by winning with 52.9 per cent of the vote.

That 2.2 per cent makes a massive difference, apparently. What the media actually means with all this talk of Obama uniting everybody is that a majority of voters finally supported the media’s candidate; you can feel the unity in every US newsroom, from the New York Times to the Chicago Tribune.

And beyond.


Martin said...

You're unbelievably stupid and shortsighted. Thank goodness you in the woods away from sane people.

Alberta Girl said...

Martin - shortsighted??? Gee - he has been in power for a day - how about we wait to see what he actually does before we cannonize the guy.

Anonymous said...

Nice that the hero of the left choose to copy PM Harper exactly on his first two acts as President, freeze wages and new rules for lobbyists.
Must be driving the left in Canada nuts LOL.

Neo Conservative said...

"martin screeches... You're unbelievably stupid and shortsighted."

oh good gawd, marty... you've overpowered me with your superior intellect yet again.

please, please turn it off... i'm melting!!!


Anonymous said...

Wrong again Martin. You shouldn't let the media do all your thinking for you. My recommendation for you is to say a prayer and hold on real tight because with "Obama duh Dud" at the controls, their isn't going to be a "Miracle on the Hudson" landing. It's going to be more like those other famous NYC crash's.

Neo Conservative said...

well, it's only day two... but he's sure off to an impressive start.


Anonymous said...

My kid's school gave the students the opportunity to watch the whole thing on a large screen in the auditorium. They could view or they could choose to continue to work in their classrooms. My child chose to stay in the classroom and work, along with a few others.

A friend reacted. What! It's history! The first black President! That's historic!! How can you not be interested in watching something so historic!!!!

Apparently though not being interested in 'history!' has deep and ugly roots. It is a form of racism as the burgeoning history professor then went on to pronounce that my child must have something against blacks.

What did my kid say to warrant such a charge, 'I really don't care what colour he is, I think these things are really boring and I have a lot of work to do.'

Neo Conservative said...

well... at least your child got a choice.

all the kids in my son's class had to watch it... and then write an essay praising "dear leader".

two words... north... korea.


Anonymous said...

Yep, you are right - they were offered a choice but then it's high school. If they aren't given a choice, they just make their own choices and skip (which I'm sure lots did anyway).

Funny that, how freedom to choose works and all. :-)


Maybe he is [doing what the right wants], but it must drive the right nuts that he gets it and is not a fool.

On the contrary, doing what the right wants and 'getting' it all at the same time, has the potential to drive the left loony, well loonier than normal anyway. I'll reserve judgment on the fool part when I see some results of his hopey, changey thing.

Anonymous said...

Hey langman...you described my hospital workplace. I felt sorry for the groupies, really.Idol worship has it's payback time.

As far as Obama looking like Harper, it only reveals the shallowness of the media. Why are they swooning, instead of bashing?
Why aren't they dissing him for being Harper-lite, or for taking his 'talking points' from Harper.
No comparison BTW..Prime Minister Harper had to work dilligently , unite the right, and ignore the media bashing to get where he is.
Obama...no decisions and a free ride from the media.

Lorrie Goldstein call them on it today in the Sun.



Anonymous said...

Martin..?? is that Lawrence or Paul?

Anonymous said...

...or Don Martin??

langmann said...

@ Anonymous,

Yeah that is my point, it is purely Idol worship, much like the latter days of the Roman Empire when Emperors were elected (by hidden electors) or chosen based on figurehead rather than ability.

Obama really hasn't done much. Even consider GW Bush, who had quite an exceptional record as governor of Texas, and he did unite Democrats under his office as well as Hispanics. People still questioned whether he was experienced enough. Look at the disaster GW Bush has turned out to be economically as President.

Obama has absolutely no credibility whatsoever. At least with Bush junior you could point to a record. Obama has done nothing of significance and has no track record. So for what reason did people vote for him?

We have no idea what we are getting with this guy. He could do well, but I doubt it. When someone finally actually asked tough questions, a plumber as it turned out, Obama responded with statements on economics much like those of a naive 20 year old. Something I would have said at that age before I took a degree in Economics, and learned about the real world the hard way.

Basically Obama is continuing and even worsening the disastrous economic policies, at the expense of the taxpayer and future taxpayers. That is not promising at all.

Philanthropist said...

If identity politics trumps ideas then Sarah Palin ought to get 52% of the vote in 2012 right?