09 November 2007

You wanna see leftwing media bias?

Here's how those "scary, hidden" fables get started.

News aggregator National Newswatch tries to outpinko the Toronto Star.

Oh yeah... the actual quote here...

"It would be fair to say that he is not particularly receptive to that approach."

UPDATE: Let's get a second opinion
"McGuinty pitched the need for more money to start work on the proposed Move Ontario 2020 transit expansion. He also said he'd made a pitch for more money for a job creation fund.

He wouldn't reveal what promises he'd received from Harper. "He listened intently," McGuinty said."

LAST WORD: NATNEWS replies to my email

Apparently Paul at National Newswatch got caught when the Star "disappeared" the original headline. Oh yeah, I also found a picture of the Red Star's print edition.
Over to Paul from NATNEWS...
"Wow... how quick people turn on the messenger. That headline was taken directly from the source!!!"

"The TO Star obviously took heat over it and changed it. Since when did NNW start torquing headlines? I have posted a screen shot of the original headline as it appeared in the TO Star when it first went up this AM. The screenshot is from Google News' cache of the story."

"I thought you had more sense than that!"
Sorry, Paul... I only know what I see when I hit the links myself.

Here's a thought... perhaps your original post should have been about the Red Star torquing the story to fit their bias... instead of passing the "obvious cant" along as fact?


LAST WORD: A very special welcome...

To readers of foul mouthed, proggie brown-noser "Canadian Cynic"
Make sure you check out his greatest hits.
-- PS -- The silly, self-misnamed Red Tory... (yeah, I'm a Blue Liberal)... also weighs in and once again... showing off his best chops... laps up the Cynic's sour vomit.


The cc character opines the comments here are "stupid" and "classless" and then one reads the boy's "greatest hits"...yup, that cynic boy is chock full of class and a boy genius...yeeeesh.
Well... he sure seems to have some issues with women.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you. I've been watching that site and thinking the same thing. Their slip is starting to show.

tori said...

I especially like the "PM tells cities to drop dead" lead in...

Anonymous said...

I love it: the federal Liberals do to the provinces and municipalities exactly what Harris did in Ontario, then rack up surplus after surplus, giving a bit back in dribs and drabs. They get no real heat for the cuts, and the surplus is basically due to the hard lifting the Tories did over the GST and NAFTA. For which the Liberals gave the Tories grief.

And it is now HARPER'S fault that the cities are crumbling?

As they say: success has a thousand fathers, and defeat is an orphan...

Anonymous said...

That floored me.......is this the Bourque Report part deux?????

SouthernOntarioan said...

Check the National Newswatch site again.

They quoted the title of the article directly 100%. Check the internet cache of the Toronto Star if you don't believe them.

le politico said...

Anyone that thinks National Newswatch has a leftist tilt needs to augment the tinfoil in their hat.

He's right down the middle, and perhaps a little more than Tory friendly.

Neo Conservative said...

"le politico said... Anyone that thinks"

you did read the whole updated post... right?


le politico said...

I did read the updates. I'm speaking generally, more aimed at those that have, "been watching that site and thinking ... Their slip is starting to show."

I guess I could have been more clear.

Anonymous said...

Job creation fund... you mean for potiential liberal voters don't you Dalton?
(real conservative)

Anonymous said...

DUde, you made an unfounded accusation without getting all the facts. WHen called on it (you being obviously wrong), instead of being a gentleman about it, you go on the attack again. Real classy.

Anonymous said...

Who or what is behind this Nat'l Newswatch aggregator?...anyone know?

Neo Conservative said...

"anon whines... WHen called on it (you being obviously wrong), instead of being a gentleman about it"

go light up another one DUde... i posted what i saw... at natnews and also at the star.

i then wrote to paul at natnews, got his take... and posted that. what it did was expose the toronto commie pinko star for the scurrilous propaganda sheet it is.

paul is cool with the chain of events... we've been emailing back and forth about it.

see unlike yourself... i can't see events through time & space... i've just gotta go with what my eyes can see in the here and now.

thanks for dropping by though... and showing off your superpowers... we're all suitably impressed.


Joe Molnar said...

Obviously NNW has become a popular internet news aggregator for the Canadian blogosphere - HOWEVER -
what some of us would appreciate knowing just exactly who is / are the principals involved.
Is that too much to ask?

Particularly as the headlines become the story at the aggregator.

Neo Conservative said...

"joe queries... Is that too much to ask?"

well... i know him as paul... does that help?

personally... i'd rather know who's in charge of slanting all the headlines at the toronto star.

maybe che isn't dead after all.


Anonymous said...

Fidel's still gasping for air.

Anonymous said...

I prefer non-fiction to the Toronto Star...

Crabgräss said...

The headline does not look like a direct quote, and Harper's contempt for the media warrants less than generous paraphrasing, as far as I'm concerned.

Neo Conservative said...

"Crabgräss said... contempt for the media warrants less than generous paraphrasing"

ah yes... the resonating cry of the red banded, leftbot loon, "fuck the truth".

a socialist-canadian heritage moment.


Anonymous said...

The cc character opines the comments here are "stupid" and "classless" and then one reads the boy's "greatest hits"...yup, that cynic boy is chock full of class and a boy genius...yeeeesh.

Saskboy said...

Let's get that National News thingy before they aggregate something funny again.