27 November 2007

No guts... no glory

Sometimes you just gotta have faith... and a strong stomach...

"It sort of tasted like toilet bowl cleaner," said Dana Shires, one of the researchers. "I guzzled it and I vomited," Cade said.

Eventually, however, the use of the sports beverage spread to the Gators, who enjoyed a winning record and were known as a "second-half team" by outlasting opponents.


Anonymous said...

Soooo... How does Dana know what toilet bowl cleaner tastes like?!

Reg said...

Ha, Anon beat me to it.

Neo Conservative said...

"via kathy shaidle... it's a good thing that he worked for university of florida (football team: the gators) than for florida state (football team: the seminoles)... because then it would have be called seminolefluid."