27 November 2007

Here's why...

We need to start cracking down on crime in Canada...

Richard Steele, who served jail time after cops tapped his phone in the Jane Creba murder probe, was arrested early yesterday in Hamilton after police allegedly found a gun in the car he was travelling in.

Lawyer Selwyn Pieters last night confirmed his client Steele, 20, is in custody and facing numerous gun-related charges.

In 2006, Steele was charged with unrelated drugs and gun charges from evidence based largely on the phone taps. He served four months of a six-month sentence after pleading guilty in February 2007.
Sure... it's not like he was involved in a murder, huh?


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"It's not about race, you dopes... it's about culture."

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Reid said...

It's hard not to agree with Gomery's rage at the Government daring to "imply criticism" on the judiciary with mandatory minimum sentences. I mean it's not like Canadian judges have a history of making crapping rulings or anything. *sarcasm off*

Neo Conservative said...

reid says... it's not like Canadian judges"

note that this piece of shit is also refusing to testify in the creba case... which, to my mind, makes him an accessory to murder.

he simply shouldn't be out on the street in the first place. a mandatory minimum would have put him in the slammer for years.

of course, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. forget about politics... this is about a failure of culture.


Anonymous said...

It is most unfortunate that this scumbag has not yet been killed in a shootout, we can only hope for that since it is the only way to get him off our streets and stop him from contributing to the deaths of innocent people.

His mommy should be charged too.