27 November 2007

At least they didn't try to say...

That Rusty and Jerome were transsexuals...

Monday, in an internal memo, the CBC communications group invited staff to “say goodbye to Rusty and Jerome in style,” at a midafternoon ceremony at the Graham Spry Theatre, where milk and cookies were served while classic episodes of Friendly Giant ran on a continuous loop.

“While you may have bid farewell to Friendly when you left your childhood behind, this afternoon, you'll have an opportunity to say goodbye to the real Rusty and Jerome,” the memo said.

“After a lengthy stay with us here in the Broadcasting Centre, these iconic creations and other Friendly artifacts, which have been on loan to the CBC museum for many years, will be going home – at the request of the family of the man who made them famous,” the memo said.

None of Mr. Homme's family attended.
In other CBC news, Casey and Finnegan have been spotted visiting a prominent Bay St. law firm.

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Anonymous said...

More evidence that there are no limits anymore. Geezzz

Neo Conservative said...

i say we start burning down buildings... and shooting at cops... that seems to be the way to get your point across these days.

it isn't violence... it's an expression of rage.


Anonymous said...

What the hell do transsexuals have to do with this story? You really just have to denigrate someone with every breath, donchya?

I'll bet your boring as hell in bed, too.

Neo Conservative said...

"slinky anon rages... What the hell do transsexuals have to do with this story?"

ok, deep breaths... and read slower...

"From friends, Ms. Homme had heard about her dad's puppets appearing in the mock clip, where a narrator described them as sitting around, drinking, smoking and having sex."


Wonder Woman said...

Nevermind him. I'll bet you're great in bed.