23 November 2007

Remember lead water pipes?

It's looking more and more like fluoridation may be another man-made disaster...

Nearly a half-century after water fluoridation became widespread, a small but growing number of medical officials and environmentalists are again raising concerns over the practice.

Recent research is suggesting that fluoride may be connected to a number of serious conditions, including the development in teenage boys of osteosarcoma, the rare bone cancer that killed Canadian icon Terry Fox, reduced intelligence levels in children, and impaired thyroid function.
We've been on well water out here in the sticks since 2001, when my son turned five... and that turns out, statistically, to have been a pretty good thing.
Researchers found that boys aged 6 to 8 who were exposed to more fluoridated water were about four times more likely to develop the cancer than those exposed to lower levels. The researchers called their results "remarkably robust."

Fluoridation is based on research from the 1940s, and Mr. Wiles contends that it wouldn't be able to pass a modern risk assessment used for drugs or pesticides.

"We took a look at the science and it was really apparent to us that the current levels of fluoride exposure were unsafe," he said.
Funny though... it looks as though some people have been aware of this for some time.
Toronto's drinking water, after several reductions, now contains half the fluoride it did before 1999, while the province of Quebec cut the recommended amount by 42 per cent in 2004.


Anonymous said...

Here we go with the flouride-in-the-water story. Did you dig into some newspapers from the 80's or something? This is older than my grandmother and she farts dust.

What's next? A breaking story on razor blades in Halloween apples?

Anonymous said...

Say, does this mean you support a pesticide ban, and stricter trans fat laws?

Neo Conservative said...

"anony-mouse squeaks... flouride-in-the-water story"

please, don't stop there... if there's something concrete you can add here disputing the article from the globe... i'm all ears.

sorry to hear about your granny.


Anonymous said...

Get a water cooler and have your water conveniently delivered to your front door.

Oh, and brush your teeth.

Neo Conservative said...

too quiet out there in saskatchewan, bro?

nice night for a troll, huh?


syncrodox said...


These balsy anony types seem to have the answer.

I wonder what they might do if their C-185 crashed in the muskeg near fort fuck all.

Moose piss or muskeg water...Which is healthier?

Or are you all of the Martin Hartwell way of mind? If you smart asses don't know what I mean without doing the wiki thang...fuck off with your theoretical survivalism.


Neo Conservative said...

sync... i have to confess... i just don't get what satisfaction these guys get in trolling around and simply leaving vituperative remarks.

it's like a little kid running up to an open basement window... and yelling, "you're a poopyface" and then running away.

you think i'm full of shit... bring it... lay out the evidence.

otherwise, it's just a variant of godwin's law and speaks to a pretty thin gruel of an existence.


Jim Pettit said...

Your story might be more believable if you had posted some references. As it is, it just plain loopy.

Neo Conservative said...

"Jim Pettit said... Your story might be..."

you mean the story from the globe & mail, right jim?

well, in their defence... it's a newspaper... not the "journal of american medicine"... and this is merely a weblog commenting on day to day events and human foibles... which is not intended as a scientific treatise.

you do also realise, jim... that your criticism amounted to the sum total of a small child yelling, "liar, liar" from the back of the room.

by your standards... why don't you give us your learned refutation of the article... with references and footnotes?