22 November 2007

Law-Law Land

"Willie" Pickton gets the full court press...

“Have the strength of knowing that you are in the best position of anyone in the world to make the determination on the evidence that you have here,” Adrian Brooks said, wrapping up a three-and-a-half-day final summation.

“You have the strength of the evidence, the evidence that tells you clearly, loudly there is a reasonable doubt.”
Well... except for the eyewitness account, the DNA evidence and the testimony from the cop in his cell.

And, get this... he kept severed heads, hands and feet around... for what... to make soup?

Don't worry, Adrian... you can probably get Stephane Dion to put in a good word for your client at sentencing.

It's a Liberal thing.


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The prosecution launched its closing arguments in Pickton's murder case, attacking defense claims that other suspects were ignored and that the forensic evidence on the property where he lived -- including skulls and victims' clothing -- were no proof that he was the killer.

"Could you accept that someone else snuck on that farm with a bunch of body parts, bones ... all without him knowing it?" Michael Petrie asked the jury.

"That was Willie Pickton's domain. That was his territory."

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