29 November 2007

Ok, Karl... let's see what you've got

Let the games begin...

Canadian justice,” Mr. Schreiber called out, holding his shackled hands into the air, as police officers escorted him from an unmarked police car.
Well... we're off to a promising start.

And what of the man who would be Court Jester?
Mr. Schreiber could be found in contempt of Parliament if he refuses to speak at the committee. However, Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion said that the penalty for contempt - going to jail - will not likely affect Mr. Schreiber's testimony.

"He is already in prison, we can't worsen his situation. But we still ask for his full co-operation," Mr. Dion said.
Uh, Stef... you can try to reason with a cat... for all the good that will do.

Let's just see... "who's zoomin' who."


UPDATE: Call it "CBC Syndrome"
"The mere fact that Schreiber sent Harper a letter has the news people going wild... But Thibault has 2 meetings with the guy, and one has to read it on a Blog."

RELATED: Speaking of stupidass political theatrics
For the first time in Canadian history, the PM was grilled in Chinese in the House of Commons during the daily question period yesterday.

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Anonymous said...

Chinese in the Canadian Parliament? And the government answered the question! Why? She should have been completely ignored or told to go back to China. I'm tired of ignorant people like her pissing all over my country.