24 November 2007

What... no more murder?

Hamas stupefied by suggestion... of non-violent solution.

-- GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip -- Hamas said Saturday it was shocked by the Arab states' decision to attend a Mideast peace conference in the U.S. on Monday and it underlined its opposition to talks by warning that it could soon launch a more lethal type of rocket into Israel than seen previously.
Who are these people... and exactly what planet did they come from?
"The announcement of the Arabs that they would participate in the Annapolis conference was a great shock for the Palestinian people," Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri, said in a statement.

"Participation opens doors for normalization of relations with the Israeli occupiers."
Yeah, Sami... we sure wouldn't want any of that.

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Anonymous said...

Israel should open a gateway to Egypt from Gaza - and then start a rolling artillery barrage from the other end of Gaza and flatten it entirely. Problem solved.

Anonymous said...

Now I'm hoping there is no more corporate takeovers with junk bonds too. (real conservative)