28 November 2007

Yammer all you want...

About the "futility" of mandatory minimum sentences... but the fact is... the longer these sociopaths are locked away... the less time they have, to put a bullet in somebody's brain.

"In 2006 alone, more than 70% of all people charged with murder were on some sort of judicial release."

"There's a gun culture in which young people have to prove themselves and gang members feel they have to prove themselves by shooting somebody," Toronto Police homicide Det. Ian Briggs said.

"It's hard to fight that culture."

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I'm actually on the side of Gomery in this argument. We don't need mandatory minimum sentences.

We simply need to relocate every halfway house in the country to inside the security gated confines of luxury housing developments and high-end apartment buildings - and let the problem of lax sentences solve itself.

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Anonymous said...

Like the article says: If you stay on the right side of the law, you'll be fine. That's not always the case obviously - and the cops should round up every thug involved or otherwise in the Jane Creba shooting and beat the living crap out of them before locking them away for life. But most of the 'victims' we hear about are worthless thugs anyhow, it's good that they're dead.