23 November 2007

Latest breathtaking Liberal brainwave

We've got to stop that scary, hidden Stephen Harper... before he cuts everybody's taxes... yet again...

"We're going to go before the budget," one Quebec Liberal said.

"The budget will be full of candy for everybody. He's going to have money for seniors, for youth, for everybody."

"If you [wait and] go on the budget, then it means you're opposing tax cuts, money for all those people, and the campaign will be on that."
Once again, the Liberal Party of Canada illustrates the potential pitfalls of creating economic policy with a "ouija board."

I'm just pondering... if they have to defibrillate John McCallum every time some fiberal wunderkind comes up with one of these oinkers.



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As the Conservatives blow a "no brainer".
Since June 2000, almost half of Canada's soldiers have been receiving a bump in their monthly salary -- the posting's living differential -- for living and working in cities with a high cost of living.

However, the Tory government will put a halt to the payments for soldiers in places such as Toronto and Ottawa.

"It might have an impact on their morale," added Liberal defence critic Denis Coderre.
Sorta like those 13 years of total Liberal neglect, huh Denis?

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Anonymous said...

The Liberals say the Conservatives will be delivering a budget that all Canadians will be happy with, so they want to stop them. uh-huh..

Dave Hodson said...

The Liberals, the party that constantly claims to know "what Canadians want", comes out and says the next budget will be exactly what Canadians want.

The fact that they want to stop a budget that they admit Canadians want is just further evidence that Liberals are only interested in doing what's best for Liberals, not what's best for Canadians.

It could also be that Liberals think that the next Conservative budget will give Canadians what they *want*, but not what Liberals think they *need*. Therefore, Liberals want to save Canadians from themselves. Arrogantly telling Canadians what's best for them would also not be very un-Liberal.

Either way, it's pretty pathetic!

Neo Conservative said...

"dave hodson says... Liberals want to save Canadians from themselves."

ok, buddy... get up from the couch... slowly... and step away from the popcorn and beer.


Dave Hodson said...

Just can't get enough beer and popcorn. If the next budget is filled with tax cuts, that's what I plan to spend the savings on!