24 November 2007

Calling Taliban Jack

Say Jack... about that Afghan prisoner abuse thing... we could always try the Taliban solution.

-- KANDAHAR, Afghanistan -- Taliban militants beheaded seven policemen yesterday after overrunning their checkpoints in southern Afghanistan, officials said.

An Australian soldier and three civilians were killed in a separate clash.
And people say I'm not flexible.

Of course, Jack still hasn't got back to me from last time.

I guess he's just shy.


RELATED: NDP fights for Canuck prisoners too
-- OTTAWA -- Some opposition MPs whose parties agreed unanimously three weeks ago to rush the government's omnibus crime bill through a Commons committee are now trying to delete a major provision that requires offenders to prove they are not dangerous to society following a third conviction for designated crimes.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Svend Robinson and Libby Davies can go over here and Educate the Taliban about the Rainbow Coalition and Human Rights for Females and Gays.

If all goes well we will see
Libby and Svend on Al-Jazeera screaming for their lives as Peaceful Muslims saw their heads off with a dull knife while Praising Allah and waving the Quran.

We can only Hope.

Anonymous said...

Jack would subject all the people of Afghanistan to the whims of these murderers.

Thank God he has little power in Canada.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... all the people of Afghanistan"

don't you worry... jack is trying to work his subversive magic here in canada... just the same way.

because, in dipperland... there's no such thing as a truly bad boy.


langmann said...

A while ago I was pulling shifts in a forensic unit and one of the things I noticed was the rap sheets of some of these guys with multiple multiple convictions for petty things like assault and rape (sometimes both at once).

And I used to wonder, how is it these sheets can get so long?

Anonymous said...

Well, you have to understand the dipper's concern on this file, the jackass Svend could stick-up a jewelry store and drive away stoned with his 14 year-old beau-toy...they can't have the valuable Svend locked-up indefinitely, what do you think this is, Cuba?