29 November 2007


Steffi and the Fiberals, to absolutely no one's surprise, get played... yet again.

Karlheinz Schreiber says he will not testify before a parliamentary committee until after his extradition matter is dealt with.

In an opening statement before the Commons ethics committee, Mr. Schreiber said he is “unwilling at this time to testify” until he knows how long the stay on his extradition will be.
Yessirree, folks... it's yet another gripping episode of "Wag the Dog... Dion."

Not that it was a total waste of time... ol' Karl did get to share some heart-rending stories of jailhouse injustice...
"Yesterday I was taken from Toronto West Detention Centre in a van by two officers from the Ottawa Detention Centre. I was handcuffed, I was in leg irons. I wore an orange jump suit."
Maybe Steffi can rename his dog... "Gullible."


UPDATE: C'mon Karl... pretty please?

Herr Schreiber coughs up a last-minute furball... to try to keep the game going.
Karlheinz Schreiber says his financial agreement with former prime minister Brian Mulroney was supposed to be worth $500,000, but he tried to dodge questions on what the money was for.

LAST WORD: Hey Karl... it could be worse
-- KHARTOUM -- A British teacher in Sudan was convicted Thursday of inciting religious hatred for letting her pupils name a teddy bear Muhammed, and she was sentenced to 15 days in prison and deportation to Britain, one of her lawyers said.

Gillian Gibbons could have received 40 lashes and six months in prison in the case.

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syncrodox said...


This if freakin hilarious! "I rest on my statement..."

The idiots would be better off questioning the remnants of the Berlin wall on cold war defections.

On second thought, the wall would probably be half as coy.


Lycan Stark said...

The whole inquiry is based on the "sworn" statements of this shyster. If he isn't going to answer questions, then the inquiry is nothing but a pointless sham.

Neo Conservative said...

no, no... you guys just don't understand.

schreiber only lies, cheats and steals in germany... here in canada, he's as pure as the driven snow.

steffi just knows.


Anonymous said...

The Liberal Party got more money from that weasel than the Conservatives, that plus the $40 Million Dollars the Liberal Party stole from us adds up to some pretty good coin. Crime pays when you're a Liberal.

skuleman said...

He did say a couple of interesting things:
When asked when he made the agreement with BM about the 300,000 he said June, then he said maybe it was July. Perhaps a slip - but if it was July then who cares Mulroney was out of office & power.

He said the 300,000 was for "future" services. So even if the deal was made 2 days before Mulroney resigned as originally claimed, it was for services to be provided after Mulroney was a private citizen - so again who cares. Also, if it was a payment for "future services" then it was effectively a retainer, which is not taxable until the revenue is recognized - i.e. when the services have either been performed or the contract has expired, so the whole issue of Mulroney not declaring the income right away is also a non-issue.
Finally, he categorically denied any relationship with the Alliance, Reform or current government.

Of course MSM won't pick up on any of this.

Neo Conservative said...

you've gotta love the part where yet another 'grope and flail' headline... "rarely used warrant sought to ensure schreiber testifies"... gets turned into instant standup comedy.


james said...

skuleman, It doesn't realaly matter whether he said he met Mulroney in June or July. If the meeting was at Harrington Lake, Mulroney would still have been PM. When Kim Campbell took over, she says in her memoirs, she took Harrington Lake as her official residence and let the Mulroneys take their time about moving out of 24 Sussex.

However, if the money was for "future" services, even if the agreement was made while Mulroney was still PM, it really doesn't matter, as the services would be provided after he left office.

Neo Conservative said...

"james says... It doesn't really matter whether he said he met Mulroney in June or July"

c'mon, james... "what he says?"

schreiber's proving himself to be about as reliable as a russian washing machine... what actually matters is what he can prove...

and so far that's sfa.


beachnut said...

Just deport Schreiber already.
The teddy out of the Sudanese hell hole also.

Werner Patels said...

Do we need any more proof that he's only trying to blackmail the government into stopping his extradition and that he, therefore, is prepared to say anything and cannot be believed at all?

Send his sorry behind back to Germany now -- schnell, schnell, rasch, rasch.

I am just happy to know that all that Schreiber Scheisse will stick to the Liberals and Dion in the end.

daveh said...

Why the constant Schreiber bashing . He`s a salesman who was paid well for being a government go between . He got to live a life of intrigue and excitement . The 9 to 5 losers who are ' shocked ' by his behaviour are disingenuous and naive , just like the politicians, trolling for votes from the great unwashed.

Anonymous said...

Who cares???

daveh said...

You`re assuming anyone , does , care

Neo Conservative said...

"anon asks... Who cares???"

are you kidding?

steffi is drowning and this is his lifeline.

ask fiberal chairman szabo and dipper pat martin to give up their moment in the sun... and see what they say.


sexy11 said...