23 November 2007

Potty training the loony left

After nine days of crippling national transportation strikes France appeared to be returning to normal Friday amid negotiations between labor unions and government officials.

From Paris, Lisa Bryant reports that while the walkout has snarled traffic, angered commuters and cost the country millions of dollars there appears to be one winner: French President Nicolas Sarkozy


Anonymous said...

OMG I know, right! France is TEH SUXXOR!!! Unions SUXXXOR!!!111!!! This proves everything you believveee!!!! It's TOTALLY related to disingenuous over-generalizations about the left!!!!11!!

Neo Conservative said...

"anony-mouse moves over from the flouride post to scream... France is TEH SUXXOR!!! Unions SUXXXOR!!!111!!!"

wow... who can dispute this brilliance?