25 November 2007

A trip to the zoo

My prediction here, is that Steffi will grow to rue the day he first uttered the name... Karlheinz Schreiber...

Author William Kaplan, an expert on the Brian Mulroney-Karlheinz Schreiber affair, predicts upcoming hearings by a parliamentary committee will be a "gong show."

"He's not going to tell anybody anything until the minister of justice informs the government of Germany that Karlheinz Schreiber, Canadian citizen, will not be returned to Germany", the lawyer and author of two books on the controversy told CTV's Question Period on Sunday.
Most people seem to be overlooking the fact that Schreiber has no alliances or loyalties here... only people, on both sides of the political bus... that he tried to suborn.

That fact appears to be slowly sinking in... even with the previously enthusiastic fiberal cheerleading squad.
Liberal MP Robert Thibault said his party supports a public inquiry, wants Schreiber available for it and wants it to review the Schreiber-Mulroney relationship back to 1980 plus the actions of the current Conservative government.

On "the committee", Thibault said he actually agreed with Kaplan's assessment that "the committee" might not be the best forum.
I can't wait.


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The committee voted to give its chairman, Liberal MP Paul Szabo, the power he needs to subpoena Mr. Schreiber.

But the NDP's Mr. Martin said he has no faith that Mr. Szabo will use that power effectively. So he is starting his own parallel process of asking for Speaker's warrants, he told CTV's Question Period

"We need to get him here prior to his deportation on the first of December. And I can tell you there are a lot of powerful people in Canada who would rather see the hind end of Mr. Schreiber," Mr. Martin said.

"His list is something like the Hollywood madam - there are a lot of people that are on that list who would rather that list is never exposed."

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Anonymous said...

Canadians vote for socialists, cross border shoppers should be forced to pay taxes and tariffs on all their purchases without exception.

Line ups for basic health care and a lacklustre 'education' system don't come cheap - Canadians demand these things, so they must pay for them.

Anonymous said...

Steffi hasn't the brains to regret anything I think. But let us keep humouring him. I think one more year on the job and he will have destroyed much of what is left of the LPC. (real conservative)