15 November 2007

Ask a Prosecutor...

How he feels about chasing uber-manipulative sleazebagman Karlheinz Schreiber...

"It is my duty to bring him to trial in Germany," Mr. Nemetz said. "I can't say if the recent statements by Schreiber will delay his extradition. I am not an expert on Canadian law."

"But the sooner he comes back to Germany, the better."
Nemetz was also dismissive of Liberal Party claims that extraditing Schreiber would stall a public enquiry into his murky Canadian dealings.
"We wouldn't have any problem with co-operating with the Canadian authorities. The delaying tactics Schreiber has been using since 1999 are remarkable. It's remarkable that it obviously still works today."
Let his countrymen go his food and board for a couple of years.

According to German authorities... we can reel this bottomfeeder in anytime we need him.


LAST WORD: Here's an even better idea...

Ask an ex-Justice Minister.
Schreiber was first arrested by the RCMP in 1999 after Germany sought to have him returned to the country to face trial.

Since then, his legal team has fought for him to stay in Canada using a series of complex court motions, which included an unsuccessful constitutional challenge of the extradition law.

Documents obtained under the Access to Information Act show German officials have complained about lengthy delays in Schreiber's extradition, but Schreiber continued his legal battle.

In 2004, Irwin Cotler, who was then [Liberal] justice minister, ordered Schreiber's deportation.

But three years later, Schreiber is still in the country. In total, Schreiber has sought six judicial reviews, requested three justice ministers intervene and filed an injunction to stop his deportation.
I was wondering why Mr. Cotler wasn't offering any rabid 30 second soundbites to his gibbering, leftwing, media monkey friends.

How many "loveletters"... over the years... did Irwin get from his buddy, Karl?

Let's really get to the bottom of this thing.

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TonyGuitar said...

** Let*s get to the bottom of this thing **. . .

via courtroom sattelite link to Schreiber in a German detention cell. = TG

Neo Conservative said...

schreiber is slime... let him try make the best deal he can... but c'mon, he's only concerned about his own ass here.

the justice system calls the tune here... and obviously you take his word with a load of salt.


Anonymous said...

If Schrieber is telling the truth then why isn't he being charged with offering a bribe? Since he has never been charged - even when the Liberano$$ were in power - tells us that he is not a trustworthy source of information. Deport him.