22 November 2007

Thank goodness for the CTV...

If it wasn't for Lloyd and Bobblehead at CTV... that scary Stephen Harper would have slipped another one past us.

The Conservative government has announced the creation of a 10-million hectare national park and wildlife sanctuary -- an area roughly twice as large as Nova Scotia.

"Truly, a gigantic conservation initiative, not just in Canadian history but indeed around the world," said Environment Minister John Baird, who made the announcement during a news conference in Ottawa on Wednesday.

The designation would protect the massive swath of the boreal forest from diamond and uranium mining in the region that threatens to encroach on the area, would ban sales and leases of property and put new limits on hunting in the area.

Native leaders and environmentalists have applauded the news.
It's curiously absent from their on-line article... but it seems not everyone saw this as a good news story.

On the 11:00 pm television segment on the CTV News... uber-correspondent Bob Fife let us in on the dark side of this development... apparently Prime Minister Harper only did this to cover up his failure to implement Y2Kyoto.

I just about fell outta my chair.

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Alberta Girl said...

Good thing we have Bobby to let us in on the real truth behind the actions of the Tories - yesterday on MDL he three times gave the scoop that the Tories are putting their justice package forward to take publicity away from the Mulroney affair. Guess he figured that it might have slipped by if he only said it once.

Thanks Bob - now - if you could just let us know the details of the Hidden Agenda?

Neo Conservative said...

reporters at ctv must have to sign an agreement stating they will slag harper, despite whatever else is going on, at least 3 times daily.

i guess they toss bobo into the ring while craig oliver is getting his weekly lube, oil and brainwash.


paulm said...

Hey, at least they reported it.

About three weeks ago Harper came to NW Ontario to announce the creation of the largest marine protected area in Canada, it encompasses the entire north shore of Lake Superior. There was not one member of the national media there, and it got only local coverage.

Neo Conservative said...

"paulm said... Hey, at least they reported it."

too true.

and it could have been worse... they could have reported rumours of the land actually being set aside as a gulag for dissident canadians.

"guns... in our forests... i'm not kidding"


Barbara said...

The media's rule with Harper seems to be if you pat him on the back you have to follow it up with a kick in the ass. I guess that's their way of being fair and balanced.

Anonymous said...

Harper and the Conservatives have done more for Canada with their minority government in two years than Chretien's majority Liberals did for Canada in twelve.

And the lamestream media just hate them for that.

Werner Patels said...

Sure, creating a national park and oasis like this is just a clever little plan to cover up past mistakes -- correction: past LIBERAL mistakes.

I don't care whether media people are biased or not -- to each his own. But what really pisses me off is when they sit there and pontificate like that and think that we're all stupid. That's insulting, and it happens day after day.

Neo Conservative said...

"werner says... they sit there and pontificate like that and think that we're all stupid"

well... they've apparently got some kind of perpetual vulcan mind-meld... with the majority of the sheeple in toronto and vancouver... so maybe it is actually working for them.