29 November 2007

Help me out here, Doc

Are you really saying Stephen Harper is responsible for the recent explosive rise in HIV-AIDS infections?

-- CP -- Dr. Julio Montaner, president-elect of the International AIDS Society and director of the B.C. Centre of Excellence for HIV/AIDS... suggested the problem persists because of a failing of political leadership — a shortcoming he believes is also responsible for a lack of effective HIV/AIDS prevention campaigns.
Apparently, personal responsibility isn't a very big part of the equation anymore.
"The problem is that the safer-sex message wears out," he said from Vancouver.

"Coca-Cola sells because every six months they reinvent themselves," Montaner noted. "What about our safer sex campaigns? Hello! First, they are not there. Second, they are boring."
Silly me.

I thought the problem was having unprotected, promiscuous sex with people who already had the disease... but apparently all we really need to beat this thing... are amusing 60 second television jingles delivered by exquisitely dressed spokes-models.

I'm thinkin' we need a second opinion.

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Knuckles said...

I'm a thinkin your right.

Anonymous said...

How do morons make it through medical school? How many of the allegedly 24,000 deaths per year in Canadian hospitals are moron doctors like this guy responsible for?