17 October 2007

Not to worry Stephane...

Garth will be right there with you... to pick up all the pieces...

"I am sure Mr. Dion’s strategists tonight are telling him to swerve around this speech, absorb some slaps, bite his tongue and buy time to gas the campaign machine."

"Wise advice, I’m sure."

"I’m equally sure Mr. Dion’s heart and gut tell him to do the principled and brave thing, to stand up against a bully, defend those who have been betrayed and deceived and fight for the Canada he believes in. He may be behind. He may be bruised. He may be in the company of doubters."

"But he is not one of them."
Now think back to high school...

You remember that drunken voice inside your head that seductively whispered, "Sure it looks like a really long way... from the roof to the swimming pool... but you know you can do it."

Well... that's Garth Turner.


UPDATE: So Garth... you weren't even close
“The speech is so vague, so full of holes, raises so many concerns, that it warrants little faith,” Mr. Dion told Parliament as he opened debate on the response to the Throne Speech.
Hey Steffi, you raging bull... let's not get crazy.


LAST WORD: Let's face it...

Your own guys are laughing their asses off... it's over.
Dion persisted without acknowledging his opponents, who by this time were gobsmacked by a case of the mass giggles.

It was so widespread at one point that even Michael Ignatieff – the Liberals' deputy leader who sits right next to Dion – cupped his face to stifle a laugh.

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Sir Philip Johnston-Higham said...

Interesting that the Liberals in both our countries are nowhere.

Neo Conservative said...

and sarko has them on the run in france...


GDW said...

But are you really sure there's water in that pool... Stephane?

syncrodox said...

Stephy and The Garth make a perfect team...one has no balls and the other no brains.

What they do have in common is an unassailable belief in their bad ass selves...despite the evidence.

Carry On Boys

Neo Conservative said...

"gdw said... are you really sure there's water in that pool..."

i hope you're not implying my man garth has an ulterior motive here.


syncrodox said...

Being as how the Liberal brand is rather tattered maybe The Garth Party is an option.


Anonymous said...

Liberals are pretending to not even understand what a throne speech is. Disingenuous dullards.

GDW said...

I'm sure that being Supreme Garth has certainly occurred to Garth, and no doubt for more than one party. But the Liberal Party can't have too much Garth to suit me.

Alistair Macfarlane said...

For a good chuckle, go to Garth's blog and read the comments. And why is it Liberals refer to Dion as "my leader"? How spineless must you be to think that Dion is a 'leader' in anyway,shape or form.

bill said...

Dos this mean Dion's fart-catcher Garthacle will be following Citoyen Dijon to the political grave yard?

Or has Garth put the lip lock on a new Librano capo?