02 August 2017

My guns have still killed...

...fewer people than Michael Bryant's car...another one bites the dust

Toronto Police say Adrian Milligan, 23, is the city's 30th murder victim of the year. After the shooting, two men described as black, between 5-foot-6 and 5-foot-9, one wearing a blue hoodie and shorts and the other sporting a grey sweater and shorts were seen running northbound on Raglan Ave. with a handgun.
No word yet on which gun club these young rascals belonged to.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says...................you know it really does not matter. we are pissing in the wind. most Canadians are so stupid they don't care. I no longer care. if I have to kill one of them some day so be it.

Neo Conservative said...

most of these guys have the situational awareness and tactical skills of wile e. coyote. all of the shootings are basically a bull-rush ambush.

put a man just inside the door every time you go out to socialise and you'd bag every one of these fast & furious wannabes.